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Going the route of building a WordPress website, in my opinion, was inevitable.  Most WordPress themes create responsive websites and that means a website can properly be viewed on all devices.  Desktops, laptops, smartphones, iPhones, tablets, iPads, and Smart televisions.  With technology moving fast-forward to mobile, it only made sense to create a responsive/mobile-friendly website.

My name is Michelle Cesare and I’m an entrepreneur who seeks out online and offline income opportunities. I’m known for being an Internet moneymaker that earns daily residual income and I’m also known to be a hardworking offline freelancer. I’m an online and offline entrepreneur who appreciates not punching a time clock to earn a paycheck and appreciates the freedom of time that comes with being an entrepreneur.

Working behind the scenes to figure out a strategy to become financially independent, was the number one best decision I made.  Observing my surroundings made me think, do I want to enter the second half of my life working my tail off to make other people a lot of money?  Going down the path of physically working each day until I dropped to earn other people a lot of money led me here.  I know the feeling of living with less and I know the feeling of physically working until I hurt.  Working physical manual labor was all I knew. Watching my parents and my small circle of friends work to live, became a lifestyle for them.  I watched them work jobs to earn an income instead of working a job they really enjoyed to earn income. Life happens and people get stuck. I did not want to follow that lead.  In my late thirties, I made the decision to figure out how I would become financially independent and I was willing to make the sacrifices to do it.  Many ideas crossed my mind but not having the finances to follow through held me back. Most family and friends were not overly supportive when I started to teach myself something new.  My new found passion excited me so I talked about it all the time. After a while, I decided to keep it to myself because most people just did not get it and I feel most people thought I was talking out of my you know what. Over time, 99% of my circle of friends really didn’t listen to me. My family would preach to me to go to work and work overtime to earn more money to save money.  I get it and see nothing wrong with working hard but to work fifty plus hours a week to earn a good paycheck to live paycheck to paycheck, was something I did not want to do after the age of fifty. You’ll never hear me knock people down for working hard, however; I did not want to continue to live with the mindset of work hard to make other people a lot of money so they can live the lifestyle I desired.  So, what did I come up with?  I saw a huge opportunity using the Internet to generate residual income and now using the Internet to earn passive income.  How?  The opportunities to earn money online are endless.  The more I learn about Internet income opportunity streams the more opportunities become available.  The more knowledge a person has the more opportunities become available.  As of now, there are no closed doors and no cap of how much income a person can earn. I’ve heard people say the rich don’t work to live and poor people work to live.  Most of my life I’ve been categorized as a person who manually works for others to live and I agree with the perception people had of me.  I chose not to be the kind of person who has no other choice but to work for someone else to earn a paycheck.  I’m not saying I will never work for anyone again but what I am saying is that I’m now a person who has choices to work a job that matches who she is today.  I worked to develop new skills to apply to jobs that interest and challenge me.  As I work towards building financial security using the Internet, I’m searching for a job that will allow me to put my new skills to good use. I specialize in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media management.

The purpose of building this website was to generate passive income AND at the same time show others how I do it without charging a fee. You’ll never be asked to pay out-of-pocket when browsing around If you want to learn how to earn, you’ll take action.

Thinking there must be some kind of catch and thinking nothing really is for free? Sharing information gives me the opportunity to earn residual online income. Sharing information to help others who want to help themselves by giving them insight into how I earn income online, makes me feel like I’m giving back. I understand most successful Internet entrepreneurs sell their proven system and of course selling their proven system financially benefits them more. It is easy to sell hope. You know what I mean, wishful thinking. My viewpoint might upset some people but I feel most people don’t follow through with their great ideas. In my opinion, most people want to reach the finish line without doing the work or fear kicks in. Life gets in the way. It’s true. For ten years I made sacrifices like not going out, barely shopping (unless it was for food), accepted a lot of hand-me-downs, no vacations, living with less, driving an older car, no dating, and realized losing some friends had to happen. They will always be old friends but some people change and some people stay the same. Life experience has taught me that. For 4 1/2 years, my savings account had $0.22 in it until the bank sent me a notice telling me they were going to close my account due to inactivity. At that point I made myself save $5.00 a week until a positive shift happened. I borrowed cash from Credit Cards and that was a challenge to pay back when earning about $13.00 an hour. I learned the hard way. I was not going to let the lack of funds hold me back. I had to make the time to learn and making time to learn meant not making money. Most of my adult life I lived very small and with very little. I chose to do it because I did not want to live the rat race of living paycheck to paycheck going into the second half of my life. It is hard to stay afloat and I notice that a lot of people work all the time to make ends meet. Well, I don’t want that for the second half of my life. I want more of a leisure lifestyle with fewer money worries. I don’t want to wait until retirement age to live a way I want to live now. I felt it was worth making the sacrifices to put my financial security in my hands. Living a more freedom lifestyle is something I’ve wanted for a very long time. Now I’m living it.

Paying for an email marketing service is no longer necessary when building a successful website. With the use of social media platforms, a website developer does not need to pay for an email marketing service. Not all website businesses need to use a marketing service to keep their followers up-to-date. That is why I, Michelle Cesare, the creator of, decided to start a Facebook Group. Followers can request to join the “MyIncomeJob Network Facebook Group” to stay in-the-know and have an easy avenue to message me if need be. So, if you have a desire to join the group, request to join.

PS: This is an English speaking group. If any other language is used the post or comment, it will get deleted.

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Still with me? Good. You can come back to visit anytime.

If building a website to earn income online sounds like an opportunity that would work for you, I suggest you build a website around a topic that interest you. Something that really floats your boat. Building an online business should be fun. If you love what you do it never feels like work. I look forward to working on my business all the time. When doing research, writing content, recording videos, marketing, learning programs, connecting with like-minded people, and helping people who want to do the same is a job I really enjoy doing. As long as I can earn income from doing it, I’ll continue to do it.

I Did Not Want

  • I did not want to live paycheck-to-paycheck anymore.
  • I did not want to continue working heavy physical manual labor 50+ hours a week after the age of fifty.

I Did Want 

  • Secure my financial stability.
  • Develop skills to earn residual income using the Internet.
  • Start an online business to produce daily passive income.
  • Open time to live a more freedom kind of lifestyle.
  • Develop a website to help others who want to help themselves.
  • Develop a website where people can learn without paying out-of-pocket.

The Original Plan When Creating

The original plan was to develop a website to build an email list to get people to join as a PAID member to access the website.  After months of debating with myself, I decided to go the route of free. Teaching myself how to use the Internet to set up streams of residual income is something I enjoy doing. I passionately research online to find online and offline income opportunities. Learning how to help myself gave me the chance to help others. The more I help people the more income I earn. Developing a business model to earn daily residual income without having to sell false hope is the kind of business I can be proud of. Slow and steady mixed with ethical practices. Persistence, dedication, determination, positivity, and honesty are some key factors when building a financially fruitful business. Taking shortcuts and using people eventually backfires in the long run.

Not running a membership website will free up the time to develop a store website too. will soon generate daily income. I need time to build the website and the only way I saw myself doing it was to figure out how to manage my time better. It will take time to set it up for it to become a money making-machine and that is the main reason why I decided not to open a membership website. There is a lot more responsibility when managing a membership website. One person can not do it all so I decided to keep it free. I can add new information when I feel like it and I can moderate comments and answer questions when I feel like it too. I’m not obligated to respond to anyone within a set time. When running a paid membership website you must be available 24/7. I chose to be realistic.

Suggestion – Rid The Middleman

Hear me out.  Many Internet entrepreneurs who earn thousands of dollars each month earn the income from people they recruit.  Recruits usually pay monthly to use a middleman’s proven system.  Every time a recruit sells a product or service, the Developer of the proven system gets paid in addition to the monthly usage fee.  The Developer becomes the middleman and the middleman gets paid from the recruits making sales.  Developers of proven systems train the recruits to work for them and most recruits don’t even realize it.  Stop paying a middleman.  Keep this in mind.  In order to use a proven system, you got to learn how to use it and that takes time and of course money.  You can create something from nothing without paying a middleman.  Either way, it’s going to take time to learn how to earn income online.  Understand that building an online money generating machine does not happen overnight.  Take the time to learn to build your own online money making machine to reap long-term financial rewards.  You won’t be obligated to pay a percentage of the money you earn to a middleman.  Rid the middleman.

What Should You Do and How Should You Do It?

Building a website from scratch give people the freedom to do what they want with fewer limitations.  There are general Internet rules website developers must abide by but building a website of your own gives you a lot of freedom and does not limit your creativity.

What should you do and how should you do it?  I share how I started to make money online, introduce the companies I do business with, and any other practices I do that gave me the chance to succeed.  I speak about topics I feel people could benefit from financially.  Some examples are Affiliate programs, Publisher programs, Youtube Partnership, Internet Marketing techniques, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), WordPress, offline fast cash freelance jobs, and whatever else that comes to mind.

Browse around to gain insight to unconventional paths of earning money.

It takes time to build a successful Internet business from nothing but it’s a challenge I’ve wanted to tackle for a long time.

Letting people watch me become financially successful is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I will push forward and let people watch me build two successful websites.  I want people to understand that taking baby steps to develop money making websites from nothing is possible.  Making the time to learn new programs to gain new skills was necessary to start the process.

I put earning money on the backburner for a long time and doing so gave me time to learn new skills. Learning WordPress to level it up was a challenge. I also needed to figure out a course of action to move forward.  I had to set up a solid foundation that I could work on a little each week.  Showing people how to develop something from nothing give people an inside view of how I did it so they can too. Persistence and honest work ethics are the main ingredients for financial success.

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There are a few rules to follow to post in the comment section of This is a rated G website. I never want to worry about if any content is inappropriate. Any comment conversation that supports porn, hate, prejudice, being verbally cruel or negative will get banned. No second chances. No posting URLs linked to multi-level marketing schemes or to individual/singular Affiliate links selling products or services. You CAN post URLs to your blogs, websites, Youtube channels or Social Media accounts/pages/groups and the like.

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  1. Hello Michelle,
    This is Marea Tigert (aka KadesGranny1).. Not really sure of the best way to message you… But wanted to let you know I have really enjoyed your YouTube Videos.. and have made some money via Ivueit, FieldAgent and GigWalk…

    Have also downloaded the Get Upside app as well, but the closest petrol station available here is almost 40 miles away. However, I keep checking and requesting for my location…. maybe someday…

    I understand your trust issues, I have them as well… And the World Wide Web can be a scary place…

    Thank you again for your videos, Drive Safe!!


    1. Wow! Thank you so much. marea Tigert. AKA KadesGranny1. Very cool.

      So many people play games online. One never knows.

      I plan on adding LOTS of fresh relevant content to this website. Everything takes time. However, I learned WordPress and fresh content coming soon.

      Thank you again and thanks for understanding.

      Have a good one. Bye for now.

  2. Helⅼo are using Wоrdpress for your blog platfoгm?
    Ӏ’m new to the blog world bսt I’m trying to get started and set up my
    own. Do you requiгe any coding expertise to make your own blog?
    Any һеlp wouⅼd Ƅe greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi!
      Well, I’m using WordPress to build two websites. and

      I use the WordPress platform to build a website. In my opinion WordPress allows for growth. I’m still learning but have come a long way.

      I don’t code either. I taught myself to use WordPress and I’m still learning. Learning the platform, widgets and plugins. It was challenging but worth it.

      Soon I’ll be uploading videos showing people how I use WordPress. I want to give viewers an inside view to my WordPress backend.

      Visit InternetEducation101 Youtube channel. I’ll be sharing a lot there.

      Thanks for visiting. If you are trying to make it online, give this a look too. Level of expertise does not matter.

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