Long Island Dumpling Grocery Shopper

The dumpling payment credit card is not accepted everywhere. No longer in business.

The dumpling grocery shopping app does not support the inventory of many stores. Clients must add each product individually and manually.

The dumpling payment credit card is not accepted everywhere. No longer in business.

Stop paying unnecessary fees. Hire a small business owner who helps support local businesses.

I shop for people who don’t like to shop, who don’t have time to shop, and who can not shop for themselves.

Dumpling personal shoppers are small business owners. I’m a dumpling business owner working to gain repeat business to earn steady income providing quality customer service.

Place an order through the dumpling app for free. The dumpling app is free to use. Never pay membership fees.

Never pay credit card or platform fees if you hire me. As a small business owner, I don’t charge my clients a platform fee.

Visit my dumpling Profile link to learn more.

Learn how to create a shopping list.
Visit the link – https://youtu.be/Rg4sjVqP7bU

Always receive in-store prices and sales. I shop at multiple stores, shop for freshness, and bag with care. Bagging does matter.

Time is valuable, and convenience is in demand, but saving money matters too. Hiring a dumpling shopper saves people money who appreciate using apps to pay shoppers to provide a service. So why pay a dumpling shopper over an InstaCart or Shipt shopper? The first reason is clients do not pay membership fees. Using the dumpling app is free. Clients do not pay credit card processing fees. The dumpling small business owner covers the credit card processing fees. Dumpling shoppers have their client’s best interests at heart. Dumpling shoppers don’t inflate product prices. They don’t work with the mindset of how to charge the customer the most to earn more money. InstaCart and Shipt shoppers buy the highest-priced products to get paid more. It is a part of their business model. On the other hand, dumpling shoppers want to save their clients money, give exceptional service, and want to build a client list of repeat clients. Dumpling shoppers must take account of their actions.

I’m a Long Island dumpling shopper who covers the cost of the platform fee. My motto is if you hire me, pay no platform fee. As a small business owner, I cover the platform fee to save my clients money, and it is a tax deduction for me at tax time. It is a win-win for the client and the dumpling small business owner.

So, if you appreciate the convenience of using apps to place shopping orders, consider downloading the dumpling app, creating an account, and entering your zip code to find a dumpling shopper working in your market. The dumpling app is free and has no membership fees.

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