Self-Custody Non-Custodial Crypto Wallets

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Off-the-grid self-custody air-gapped and cold-storage crypto wallets.

Yes! I’m one of those people who believe in cryptocurrency becoming the next monetary asset. Yes! I’m a believer that Crytpo will replace the fiat currency globally. Countries, banks, and other financial institutions like Visa and Mastercard are transitioning to the full use of crytpocurrency.

Financial institutions have been rolling out the use of digital currency unsuspectedly, and the gradual rollout of digital money has led people to use Crypto-currency. Moving money around without needing to touch it has led people to use virtual platforms like PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo. The transition to the world using Crypto as currency is here.

I’ve been teaching myself to use Crypto App Wallets to store, move, and trade cryptocurrency. I see the value in cryptocurrency. Crytpo will become the next monetary asset class that will produce millionaires, billionaires, and crytponaires. It would be in my best interest to adapt using Crytpo App Wallets. There are hundreds of Crytpo App Wallets on the market. However, one person can only use so many Crytpo App Wallets at once. Below is the list of Crypto App wallets and Crytpo Cold Wallets I use to store, move, and trade Crytpo. In my opinion, it is worth learning how to self-custody your Crytpo Assets. Crytpo will continue to become more valuable. Make it your responsibility to protect it. Again, in my opinion, Crytpo will create generational wealth.

A self-custody wallet is a place where you store digital money like cryptocurrency and other digital assets. Self-custody wallets, also called non-custodial wallets, are required to transact with blockchain-based financial applications, such as the Compound Liquidity Pool and other DeFi applications.

Click here to open an account with Coinbase. Copy and Paste URL if link does not work.

Coinbase was the first Crypto website I joined. I find Coinbase user-friendly, and using Coinbase led me to use Coinbase Pro. When trading, converting or, transferring Crypto to a bank account, Coinbase Pro charges minimal fees.

Click here to open an account with Gemini. Copy and Paste URL if link does not work.

Gemini is another Cryptocurrency exchange I use to store, buy, move, and transfer Crypto. Gemini is a simple, elegant, and secure platform to build your Crypto portfolio. Gemini is also rolling out a Crypto back credit card.

Click here to purchase a Ledger – Ledger is a cold storage wallet. Copy and Paste URL if link does not work.

Learning about a monetary system that will soon become the new money system requires study, learning, and adoption. There is more responsibility when self-custody Crypto. However, it is a necessity to protect the assets you hold.

When storing Crypto on a cold hardware wallet, you are solely responsible for self-custody the Crypto. It is your responsibility to protect the 24-word passphrase. If you lose the passphrase, you lose your Crypto.

Click here to purchase an Ellipal Titan air-gapped cold wallet. Copy and Paste URL if link does not work.

Ellipal Titan is the most secure cold wallet. Air-gapped (a network isolated offline cold storage which gives protection against remote and online attacks), anti-disassembly (the case is metal and protects you from supply chain attacks and malicious modifications), anti-tamper, and trust. In my opinion, Ellipal is the safest self-custody cold wallet on the market.

Using digital wallets as a form of payment will be accepted everywhere. Every digital wallet transaction will create a unique wallet address, and each digital purchase will get indexed onto an open-source ledger.

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App wallets are more secure than credit or debit cards because they use encryption and tokenization to protect your data.

App wallets are not accepted everywhere. You may need a physical card as a backup. However, you can minimize your wallet size and weight. Instead of carrying around a wallet filled with credit and debit cards, you can downsize a wallet to hold one credit and debit card as a backup.

App Wallets – Read more…

Mobile and digital app wallet transition. Bye Bye physical wallets.
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