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XRP Cryptocurrency is here to stay. FedNow Coin – CBDCs – UBI

Digital currency is here, and there is no question that the new money system will consist of digital currency, not petrodollars. Future money will include CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currency) and UBIs (Universal Basic Income), and banks and credit unions using the FedNow Service can offer their customers instant payment services. The future of money movement of debit and credit will be instant. Individuals and businesses can send and receive payments within seconds, 24-7, and the receiver of instant payment can use the funds immediately. Rolling out a new monetary system is a global reset.

For the people living today who understand the transition into a new monetary system is happening now, they probably realize the opportunity they have at their disposal to become a part of the next generation of millionaires. Understanding the global use of utility cryptocurrency gives a person living paycheck to paycheck a chance to become financially secure. But those people must start thinking differently about money and financial security. People who feel their pension or social security will be enough to retire comfortably are in for a rude awakening.

Having the foresight to see what is happening has the advantage of knowing that financial abundance and security will happen. However, having the vision to see what is happening can emotionally upset the person who knows they will become rich, and why is that? I’m already witnessing people I know start to lose it all. I notice worry and concern about how they will stay afloat to keep what they have. I’ve been sharing with people what I invest in and how I continue to learn how I will soon receive residual payments from my cryptocurrency investments. Most people don’t want to hear it, many don’t listen to me, and many don’t believe that the petrodollar’s value will hit zero. They just don’t get it and look at me as if I’m crazy. It is difficult to change a person’s way of thinking about money. The emotion of fear of the unknown kicks in, and to be frank, 99% of the people who know me don’t believe in me. So, I continue to study to improve my financial education, which has benefited me greatly.

I did not plan to write a three-paragraph introduction to the main point of this post, but sometimes more explanation is needed. Below is an email I wrote to a neighbor. Without getting into specific details, the topic of her taking classes to learn a new skill came up. She is worried about not having enough money to live. I listened and started talking about the new monetary system, how I invest in utility cryptocurrency, and how I study to gain more financial knowledge. She asked me a few questions and said she wanted to learn more. I asked her for her email address and told her I would send her more information. I finally sat down to send her an email. I feel many people would appreciate the email content, whether it be to learn about what is happening right now or someone who already understands what is transpiring right now. Writing takes time and energy, and I did not want to waste the valuable content.

Below is the email I wrote to my neighbor. 

Hello **********,

The fourth industrial revolution is here. We are living in it now. The fifth revolution is here. We are living in it now. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the transfer of digital currency. All facts.

The FedNow coin is already here. CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) is already here. UBI (Universal Basic Income) will control 95% of the population.

I’m not overly religious, but we are blessed to live today and to be lucky enough to buy into the transfer of wealth. For the past few years, I’ve been buying UTILITY cryptocurrency that will move and convert all the money globally. The transition into a new monetary system won’t happen again for at least 150 to 200 years.

I know what I tell you sounds fake and foreign, but it is largely due to the media keeping people in the dark. We both agreed the media news is BS. NOW, the media news is being told to introduce digital currency slowly to the masses. Digital currency is only money. It is not UTILITY cryptocurrency that all financial institutions will use and already have started to use. The digital currency was created to control people to have them live off of UBI (Universal Basic Income). Do you want your son and grandkids to be told how much they deserve to have and own? I’m sure you don’t. What about you? You are not much older than me. You could become the next generation of millionaires.

Again, I understand and can relate to the fear of the unknown, but living in fear will only give you less in the future. You can live a lifestyle of comfort and peace of mind.

I know you don’t understand the true value of UTILITY cryptocurrency. However, if you buy a handful of modest bags of XRP, XLM, ALGO, and GRT, you will never regret it. You can set up generational wealth for your son and grandkids too, if you act in time.

Four years ago, my environment thought I was nuts and was a dreamer. Not anymore. Why? They see what is happening. They are stuck living to work to have and to work to keep what they have. Their pensions are not secure, and inflation will continue to wipe out the middle class. I’m already witnessing it.

I could write more to support my case, but I would simply be repeating myself.

Check out these websites. These are the two websites I use to buy cryptocurrency and then I transfer the cryptocurrency to a cold wallet. I have become my own Central Bank and financial advisor.

Coinbase – https://www.coinbase.com/join/cesare_auc

Gemini – https://www.gemini.com/share/8wmx79h9

I’ll be around the co-op.  Again, I know this is foreign and scary.  But isn’t it scarier to think you will have less than what you have now?  Your money will soon become obsolete. The US dollar continues to lose value.  When you are told to hand in your fiat dollar, you will then be put on UBI (Universal Basic Income).  UBI expires too.  If you don’t spend it, you will lose it.

In closing.

I missed out on the Internet and Bitcoin rollout, and I know I won’t miss out on the utility cryptocurrency rollout. I’m positioned to become very rich and study to gain more financial knowledge. Eventually, financial institutions will pay me to use my XRP. The journey from rags to riches has just begun.

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