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Toggle off in apps and turn off gig app notifications.

It has been a long while since my last blog post, but that does not mean I have not been working. I worked the gig apps full-time up till Christmas Eve. Also, I joined more gig apps to receive more offers to earn more money. I applied and qualified to deliver larger food orders, considered small catering orders. The small catering orders are scheduled deliveries that need to get picked up and delivered at a specific time. Delivery drivers must arrive at pickup on time to deliver at a specified time. Delivery drivers receive higher payouts for delivering catering orders.

Before I get into the actual topic of this blog post, I want to share information that I feel a wannabe food delivery driver or an experienced food delivery driver would want to know. Delivering catering orders is not easy. Restaurants don’t always wrap food properly for transportation of the food. Imagine delivering multiple trays of liquid-like food and having the liquid food spill out while driving. One must get the food from a car to a house or office lunchroom. Imagine delivering liquid food half out of the trays. Not only does the food create a wet, sticky mess to clean, the delivery person still has to get the food from their car/van/truck inside a dwelling. Delivering a sloppy mess is not impressive. The delivery driver looks like a fool, and the recipient is not pleased.

Now, let me talk about the actual topic of this blog post. When a gig app worker decides to take off time, the gig worker should turn off all notifications. Why? Because the gig world of deliveries is a 24/7 business. The apps never turn off. I’ve had apps text me at 4:45 am to ask if I can complete a delivery. Apps regularly send out notifications early in the morning and late at night. I have toggled off in an app to turn off my availability and turned off notifications, and the apps started sending me texts from another number, which I had to turn off sound notifications. Food delivery is a service that is in huge demand. People want or need the service.

Scheduled food delivery jobs pay more.

I uploaded a video to YouTube titled ‘Turn The Apps Off! Time out!‘.

Scheduled delivery apps work differently than an app you swipe on whenever you feel like accepting delivery offers.

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Taking the time to fill out gig app applications to become an active delivery driver on many apps will keep you busy earning money. Just like working a W-2 paying job, if an app likes the way you work, you will always be sent delivery offers to complete.

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