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The Dumpling Boss app is a glorified payment processing system. Stop paying dumpling.

The new way of life is here. From paying bills electronically to using digital forms of currency, app jobs are rolling out as fast as technology evolves. Even W-2 job employees are using apps to complete job tasks. Technology and apps have opened up new ways of performing job tasks and a new way for people to hold a second job to earn extra money. But user beware. Not all apps help people stay afloat and get ahead.

Gig apps like Uber, UberEats, Lyft, Shipt, InstaCart, GrubHub, Amazon Flex, Dlivrd, EzCater, Roadie, and many other apps are free to join, free to use, and pay you for completing gig jobs. But some apps expect you to pay to use an app, and those are the apps that created a business model generating revenue for being the middleman. If you start a business and build a client list by making connections and marketing yourself (you do all the leg work), you don’t need to pay an app to accept payments. Think about it. If you accept payments, you would pay a company that provides the service of receiving payments. You don’t need to pay an app to accept payments for you. Why would you pay an app to do that?

I got suckered in and fell for it, and now I take the time to write articles and upload videos sharing my experience using an app I paid to use to earn money. I wasted about a year and a half self-marketing and paid to promote, which advertised the app I was paying to use. I lost hundreds of hours of time, energy, and money. When I decided to cut the cord from the app that played me, I felt like a fool. So here I am, sharing my story to help protect others from wasting time, energy, and money.

To wrap it up, people who pay to use the dumpling shopping app pay to use it to communicate with the client you gained, not a client that dumpling gained for you. The dumpling app is a glorified payment system app that you pay several fees to use. They created themselves to be the middleman. You pay them to use their app, you pay payment fees, and each time you gain a client to shop for, you are building their platform. You work hard to promote their app, not just your business. You pay them while promoting their dumpling boss app for free.

I stopped paying apps and now work apps that pay me to provide a service. I’m a gig worker using about a dozen apps to deliver food and products and shop to get paid without paying out of pocket. I spend more time working to earn money and less energy promoting someone’s business. All I can say is to not fall for the scam. I feel the dumpling business model is a scam.

The information in this article is the formed opinion of one person. You don’t need to pay someone to train you to promote their business. If you work, you should get paid.

Why pay to use the dumpling boss app?

Stop working for free to build up other people’s businesses.

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