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The dumpling payment credit card is not accepted everywhere. No longer in business.

The dumpling grocery shopping app does not support the inventory of many stores. Clients must add each product individually and manually.

The dumpling payment credit card is not accepted everywhere. No longer in business.

Technology evolves fast, and most people use technology for entertainment purposes like streaming music and TV shows, watching movies, and playing games in real-time in the metaverse.

MyIncomeJob.com mainly talks about how to earn money. Whether it be from working app jobs (gigs), working online, or investing, the topics are different but are relevant to one another.

Before technology entered the mainstream, it was almost unattainable to start a business, and the most common reason was the lack of capital people had. The lack of money prevented people from starting businesses.

Gig apps get used by millions of people to earn income. No money is needed upfront to jump on an app to accept jobs to get paid. Companies using apps created a business model of streams of income. People use the apps to earn money, and companies do not have to hire anyone. People are Independent Contractors who write off their miles and pay their taxes. It’s a brilliant business model. However, the people working on the apps don’t realize how little pay they work for. Most gig workers do not write off miles at tax time. They lose a lot of money. Unless a person gains a financial education, working the apps is pointless. A person might as well work for free.

Let me introduce an app I decided to use to start my own shopping business. It is called dumpling. I pay monthly (to date $29.00) to use the app to run my shopping business. I set my prices and time of business hours, I list the stores I will shop in, and it’s my job to build up a client list. It’s my small business. The app lets clients place a shopping order, communicate with me, and clients pay through the app too.

There are many advantages to running a small business. The most profitable one is receiving tax breaks at tax time. Because I pay (it’s like paying rent) to use the app, I can deduct business expenses, the monthly app fees, the credit card processing fees, and any other fees that must get paid to use the app. I prefer to build up a client list of my own, provide the shopping service, write off deductibles at tax time, and the client would save money because they don’t have to pay membership, credit card, or platform fees if they hire me. I choose to cover the platform fee.

If interested, take a look at my dumpling profile. The profile shows the areas I work by zip codes, and a potential client can learn more about me. https://shop.dumpling.us/michelle26

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