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In the dot com boom, thousands of people made small fortunes. Dotcom domains sold from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. Dotcom was the future of information on the Internet and the address of a business, corporation, and brand. Linking a dot com domain was a must to enter into the 21st century. Dotcom will be around for a long time. However, dot extensions are becoming more specific. A domain extension must tell a potential visitor what a website is all about. With the Internet gaining more value from becoming the place for information, a domain extension must say it all.

In 2017, I decided to buy a gTLD (Generic Top Level Domain). and to build an online store. I wasn’t sure what direction I was headed, but I sensed that online shopping would become more in demand and time has shown that it has. Because technology is being used more by the masses every day and AI (Artificial Intelligence) more accepted and used, it made sense to build an online store to build a business. Buying a gTLD gave me wiggle room to be broad and not so specific. The gTLD I decided to purchase was It says it all. It’s a lead-generating website where visitors can browse to shop and then buy. Three self-explanatory words tell the potential visitor exactly where they will be led to after clicking on the link.

Generic top-level extensions are now being used and will become as common as a dot com extension. The descriptive extension will matter when search engines index websites. The descriptive extension will help search engines categorize websites by matching keywords and phrases. For example, I use to do my taxes. .tax is the descriptive extension and tells the potential visitor that is about taxes. There are more descriptive domain extensions already in play. .NYC, .bet, .me, .online, .store, .fun, .club, .dev, .tech, website, .space, .dog, .love, .business, .llc, .art, .cloud, .design, .rent, restaurant, .health, and .info to only list a handful of descriptive extensions. The future is gTLDs. I’m glad I was able to see the obvious and took action. The Internet and technology, in general, will fast forward at a rapid speed. The people who see new opportunities and take action to invest, won’t have to wait seven, ten, or fifteen years to gain huge financial rewards. ROI (Return On Investment) will roll in much faster and that is a sweet deal.

I got the gTLD discussion out of the way. Now what? Crypto is coming into play and not only in a monetary way. Crypto continues to enter into the financial sector more and more and .crypto has entered the web-space. .crypto domains are linked to crypto payments and it is because crypto will be used to pay for products and services. It’s already happening. Businesses are using crypto, Apps are using crypto, and domains are entering the payment system. I own dozens of .crypto brand name domain names and own a .crypto domain to send and receive payments. I own MichellePay.crypto. There will come a time when people will pay me using my MichellePay.crypto and me paying them using MichellePay.crypto.

A sure way to get ahead financially is to pay attention to changes that will be used by the masses. If you can foresee a shift that will affect the mass majority of people, and invest in it early, you can reap huge financial gains that can become life-changing. Buying a .shop domain extension when people thought I was nuts, was a smart investment. I started building the website early. Now, I’m buying .crypto domain extensions of brand names and hope to sell them to the companies who developed their brand. I feel that buying brand name .crypto domain was a wise investment that will give me a huge return on my investment.

If you want to buy a .crypto domain of your own, CLICK HERE. .crypto domains never expire and never need to be renewed.

You can forward a .crypto domain to an existing .com or gTLD. If you visit storebuy.crypto, you will be directed to, but only if you add the Unstoppable Extension to Chrome. Here is the link to download the Unstoppable Extension to view .crypto domains.

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