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Creating’s website shows people that an average person can learn a new way of earning money. Not only buy assets that appreciate, create assets that appreciate.

Giving time for money is the most common way of earning money. People can earn money by setting up their money to work for them too. Generally, many people don’t know how to get their money to work for them.

MyIncomeJob’s website topics cover how to build income streams. Firstly, by WordPress website development and SEO practices and techniques. Secondly, Stock and cryptocurrency investing. Thirdly, Self-custody cold and air-gapped wallets. And fourthly, Buying assets that increase in value and financial guidance.

Give Time To Earn Money

Most people understand that giving time to earn money works. And yet, many don’t know how to get their money to work for them. When people need more money, they think getting a second or third job is the answer. However, working oneself into the ground damages their physical and mental health.

Although needing to work in retirement is not most people’s goal, many people fall into the trap of working well into their late 70s and early 80s. Meanwhile, working into retirement age is not by choice. Some people have to work late in life to be able to live a comfortable lifestyle or to keep what they already have.

Inflation continues to rise, and the older a person gets, the harder it is to survive financially. 401(k)s, pensions, and social security do not match inflation.

Leaping Into A New Industry

The more online work I produce, the more daily residual income I earn. For 35 years, I performed physical manual labor in the food industry. Fast forward to today, I’m a WordPress website developer and gig worker and invest in dividend stocks and cryptocurrency.

I am a content writer, a lead generator, an Adsense and YouTube partner, and a WordPress website developer.

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My income job can be your income job.
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12 thoughts on “MyIncomeJob Blog”

  1. Michelle,

    I wanted to let you know how proud of you I am. I look forward to watching every one of your videos. Over the years you have showed resilience, perseverance, and a lot of growth. I just watched your video regarding Dlivrd and the late order, don’t be discouraged! You know your worth and all that you bring to the table. There aren’t many drivers like you left. You put 100% into all you do. Take care of yourself, keep doing what you’re doing and make that money! Have a happy and healthy 2024.

  2. Michael Roopnarine

    Hey Michelle. This is Michael, the local 1 plumber you met on the railroad yesterday around 3pm to penn station. I am so happy i met you. I look forward to learning as much as i can from you.

    1. Hello Michael,

      I just uploaded a new blog post and it includes a video to the XRP Proper Party I attended. It was GREAT! I had a blast and learned a lot. Start studying about XRP, Ripple, CBDCs, and crypto. Watch as many Youtube channels as possible and read about the subject. It will sink in.

  3. I don’t know how I can thank you! This Website is like a library of Money. Im a very skeptical Person but with your Articles I got the opportunity to start being a Gig Worker and earning additional income online! Thanks.

    1. Hi! That is excellent. I’m glad you gave Gig Apps a try to earn extra money. They work. I just joined Roadie and will start accepting delivery opportunities from them too. Make sure to visit my Youtube channel. I upload videos pretty often. HomeBaseIncome101 Youtube channel. See you there!

  4. I found this Blog like an hour ago. Im satisfied already with all the HUGE INFORMATION your sharing. This is insane, I hope that your Blog will get the attention it deserves.

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