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The website is a website that speaks about many free resources available on the web, explains how using the resources can generate daily residual income, talks about offline opportunities to earn income, and discusses miscellaneous topics. So why discuss website handicap accessibility?

If you did not read the introduction on the homepage, let me introduce myself. My name is Michelle Cesare, an Independent Contractor offline, and an Internet entrepreneur online. In addition to uploading videos to Youtube (HomeBaseIncome101 Youtube Channel), I enjoy writing about how I earn money as an Independent Contractor, and how I earn money as an Internet entrepreneur. As I continue to become more of an experienced WordPress website developer, I learned that my website targets the non-handicap audience, so I decided to educate myself to develop a handicap accessible website. I want to build an online platform where almost anyone can visit to learn how to earn income offline and online.

I never took into consideration how many handicap people can use the Internet to supplement their income. A deaf person can see, and that means a deaf person can browse the web and type. I write content all the time to expand my online presence that helps generate daily income. A deaf person can follow my growth to build a successful online business. In some cases, a legally blind person can view larger images to read, and completely blind people can use screen readers to read. The visual handicap could type their way to financial independence if they wanted to. The opportunity is there for almost anyone to take advantage of the content writing opportunity the Internet offers. 

The more I learn about website handicap accessibility, the more excited I get about expanding online. The blind and deaf can do what I do online, and that gives me the chance to show more people how I use the Internet to earn income. With the help of software programs like screen readers, the blind and deaf can build a money-earning Internet business of their own. As long as a person has access to the Internet, people can join programs like Google Adsense to become a Publisher, promote Affiliate links, sell products and services, and even become a Youtube partner. As long as a person has the desire to learn and wants to learn, the possibilities are 99% endless.

In my opinion, there is probably one of four reasons why you landed on this webpage. The first reason might be because you are a website developer like myself, and want to learn how to add handicap accessibility to your WordPress website. The second reason could be you are handicap and want to learn how to generate income online and maybe offline too. The third reason might be you landed on the homepage of and clicked on the link in the sidebar. And the fourth reason might be because you landed on this webpage through an organic search engine listing, which is possible over time. An organic Search Engine webpage listing happens naturally over time. In my opinion, organic traffic is the best kind of traffic.

All electronic information technology must be accessible to people with disabilities. Though not mandatory for all websites, a website developer should follow fundamental steps to building their website to be handicap accessible.

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became established to ensure that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as anyone else. A website should be accessible to people who have disabilities that affect their hearing, vision, and or physical capacities. Handicap people who use screen readers or other assistive technologies should be able to browse web content.

ADA requires public areas intended for meeting in groups, playing games or sports, shopping for goods or services, visiting with legal or medical professionals, to be handicap accessible. The same rules are mandatory online. All local, county, state, and federal government agency websites by law must be ADA compliant. Any business that relies on the general public or for their general benefit must be ADA compliant.

Learning about building an ADA compliant website has stirred up my creative juices to produce the best website platform I possibly can. After uploading this webpage to this website, I will edit each webpage to make it ADA compliant.

After learning about building an ADA compliant website, the first thought that came to my mind was, people with disabilities can use the Internet to build an online business of their own too. I preached for years that I wanted to show people how I gradually started to earn daily residual income using the Internet. I never took into consideration that I can show people with disabilities how I do it too. I will do my best to design this website to accommodate those who have vision or hearing impairments, or learning, cognitive, and other disabilities.

As a growing website developer, learning about building a website to be ADA compliant is the right thing to do, in addition to offering everyone equal opportunities. I want all website visitors to be able to navigate and comment easily.

After learning more about website ADA compliance, it dawned on me that my website is inviting to a new demographic of people. More the merrier, right? It also learned that building an ADA compliant website improves search engine optimization. Enhancing the functionality and usability of a website helps a search engine crawl a website better, and that helps with higher organic search rankings. Website developers strive for organic listings, which usually increase website traffic.

As a WordPress website developer, there is one more fact I learned while researching ADA compliance. WordPress is a Content Management System. WordPress has an accessibility team to ensure that new and updated code for the open source WordPress core conforms with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) at level AA. As a website developer, it’s my responsibility to use the right typefaces that are typically ADA-friendly (Tahoma, Calibri, Helvetica, Arial, Verdana, and Times New Roman) and add alternative tags to images. I edited the Text color, Theme color, Link color, and Link Hover color to help visitors with visual disabilities navigate around my website.

There is so much more a website developer can do to make their website more ADA compliant. However, studying the topic of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) at level AA, there are three basic practices a website developer can practice. Use proper size font, alt-text descriptions, and proper use of hyperlinks.

For the body text, a size of at least a 16px font is recommended, and headers should feature larger while some text can be between 12px and 14px. The suggested font size is 16px font for most screen readers.

For the next few weeks, I’m going to transform my website to be ADA compliant. Between the WordPress accessibility team doing their job to ensure that new and updated code for the open source WordPress core conforms with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) at level AA, and me doing my part, I believe will qualify as being ADA compliant.

Earlier I mentioned that WordPress has an accessibility team to ensure that new and updated code for the open-source WordPress core conforms with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) at level AA, which is an intermediate level. The WordPress accessibility team makes sure that anyone using the WordPress Management System to blog or build websites that the blog or website is keyboard accessible. Giving people the option to tab navigate while browsing my websites lightens my load and helps me reach a broader demographic.

To learn more about Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and ADA compliancy, visit the links listed below.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

ADA Compliant

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