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October 1, 2018, is the target date for to open.  Keep us in mind and come back soon.

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Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Michelle Cesare and I’m an entrepreneur who finds interest seeking out freelance opportunities that pay.  Adding data found from trial and error adds value to the information shared on the website.

Building a WordPress website has been on my to-do list since the start of 2016.  I knew it was inevitable going the route of building a website using the WordPress platform.  Most WordPress themes create fully responsive websites which means a website that can be properly viewed on all devices.  Desktops, laptops, smartphones, iPhones, tablets, iPads, and smart TV’s.  With technology moving towards mainly mobile, it makes sense to create a responsive/mobile-friendly website.

How can you access the information shared on  All you gotta do is subscribe to the email list AND join to become a free member.  That is it.

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You will never be asked to pay to enter the website AND will never be asked to pay to learn.  The goal is to build a member base of interested and active members.  People who enjoy following the topic of income opportunities, who enjoy learning how to earn residual income and who want to learn how to earn extra income on their timetable.  Earn extra income when it works for you.  Earn extra income without punching a time clock.

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Why is it free to join  As an Entrepreneur, I learned the hard way that paying for information does not automatically earn you income.  Anyone can pay for information and get their hopes up.  Information sells.  However, what is bad about selling false hope is that most people burn out, crash then give up.  Hopelessness kicks in.  The euphoria feeling passes and most people go back to the tried-and-true.  I’ve been there and I’ve lived it.  So, what led me to continue on an entrepreneurial quest?  I could not let it go.  I had the vision of creating something from nothing.  A something that would earn me residual income AND at the same time helps others earn income without charging a fee.  For over a decade I visualized myself as a leader who would give back by teaching others how to gain financially.  I inform to educate people who want to better their financial standing.  I inform to educate people who want to help themselves.

Fill out the “REGISTER USER” form to become a member.  Then you can sign in to the “LOGIN PAGE“.  Happy learning and happy earning.