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Here are the general steps for how to deliver food using the Uber Eats app:

Step One:
Download the UberEats app on your smartphone and create an account. You will need to provide basic personal information and submit documentation such as your driver’s license and vehicle registration if you plan to make deliveries by car or bike.

Step Two:
Once approved as a delivery partner, you can start accepting delivery requests. Open the UberEats app and turn on the “Available” toggle to let the app know you’re ready to start working.

Step Three:
When you receive a delivery request, you can review the details of an order to accept or decline.

Step Four:
When accepting a request, the app will show you turn-by-turn directions to the restaurant and the customer’s address. You can contact the customer directly through the app in case of any issues or questions.

Step Five:
After you arrive at the restaurant, you’ll need to show the staff your UberEats delivery partner app and provide the order number for the order you’re picking up.

Step Six:
Once you’ve picked up the order, follow the directions in the app to the customer’s address while keeping the food secure during transit and follow any special instructions or requests.

Step Seven:
When you arrive at the customer’s address, follow the delivery instructions provided by the customer in the app.

Step Eight:
After the delivery is complete, the app will calculate the earnings.

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