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Earn Money Delivering Food Orders Through Dlivrd

In 2017, I started working gig Apps to earn extra income. The freedom to make extra money around my schedule helped me pay off bad debt and led me to work many more gig Apps to earn more money. Instead of getting a second job, working gig Apps became my second job. Working with food delivery Apps helped me live a more balanced lifestyle and gave me tax break benefits I never had before.

Fast forward to today, more gig Apps continue to roll out, and it’s because food delivery services are in high demand and continue to be adopted by more people daily.

Working on-demand food delivery Apps like UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash, and Postmates, let people swipe or tap to accept offers to provide on-demand food delivery service. With dlivrd, most of the time, the App reaches out to drivers the night before via text. A dlivrd driver gets 15 minutes to review, accept, or decline an offer. A dlivrd food delivery driver delivers larger orders of full-trays of hot/cold food and hero sandwiches. With some deliveries, dlivrd drivers must set up hot food at the delivery site.

My name is Michelle Cesare, and I’ve been a part-time food delivery driver since 2017. My review of the dlivrd catering food delivery App? I like it. Of course, there is more work involved when delivering larger food orders. However, being able to accept a few dlivrd jobs a week works for me. It fits into my schedule of gig work. I appreciate dlivrd sending me jobs to review the day before I deliver them.

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I put together a YouTube playlist speaking about working the dlivrd App. In the videos, I show how dlivrd sends out offers, how to accept jobs, and screen record inside the App so you can learn how to navigate the App and toggle off and on. Again, dlivrd is not an on-demand food delivery service. Dlivrd schedules delivery drivers to pick up mid-sized catering orders. The food must be delivered on-site by a specific time.

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$27.48 dlivrd pay

A not-on-demand food delivery service. Accept offers the day before.

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