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Unless you become an overnight YouTube success story, earning Youtube income does not happen overnight. Building up a YouTube channel requires dedicated work for gradual growth. Uploading videos, gaining an audience, and consistency can bring forth a steady stream of passive income.

Welcome to the YouTube channel website page. I felt dedicating a webpage to shout out my three YouTube channels would be a smart way to introduce the three channels I run. I am a YouTube partner who earns residual income. Another reason why I felt dedicating a webpage to shout out the three YouTube channels I run was to show people that dedication, persistence, and gradual growth are three key ingredients to having YouTube success. Just like with anything else, it’s not as easy as it seems. Work is involved but if you have a passion for it, reaching the requirement to become a YouTube partner can happen.

Is it worth it? Is it worth using a free platform to produce passive income? In my opinion, yes, it is. People enjoy video entertainment, and people use YouTube as a search engine. Whenever I want to learn how to do something, I jump on YouTube. YouTube creators enjoy sharing their knowledge, skill, and talents. When a channel reaches a minimum of one-thousand subscribers, a YouTube creator can generate residual income by showing advertisements on their channel.

There are more reasons and benefits of running a YouTube channel and being a YouTube partner that’s earning income. YouTube offers an incredible marketing platform. People use YouTube as a search engine. Google and Bing produce endless search results, but video search results give people the visual of how to do something. That’s powerful. Another positive benefit to running a YouTube channel that is generating residual income is that a creator can incorporate the videos they produced into their websites, blogs, and articles. Embedding YouTube videos that already earn income into content can increase views which in turn can generate more earned income.

I run three YouTube channels. The goal is to get all three channels to qualify to run advertisements. I have one channel that earns me passive income. The second channel I run will soon pass the requirement of having one-thousand subscribers. Gaining one-thousands subscribers is mandatory to enter the YouTube partnership program. And the third channel I run has a long way to go. I see the value of setting up streams of income and YouTube gives wanna be creators an opportunity to gain financially.

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