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Most people are not paying attention to the destruction of the fiat dollar, and those are the people who will probably live paycheck to paycheck well into their seventies. No matter what industry a person works in, if people do not have a portion of their money gaining value or assets increasing in value to match inflation, those are the people who will need to work until they can’t work any longer. Imagine the position of needing to work to keep what you have or worse needing to work to survive.

For more than half my life, I worked to survive. My upbringing taught me to work, pay bills, and keep money in the bank, and the money was not earning any significant interest. Not enough to keep up with inflation. I started working young, and after four decades of following the examples of my environment, I began researching to gain more financial education. I decided to start thinking differently about money too.

Changing how I saved money led me to learn about investing in the stock market. Almost daily, I research to find company stocks to invest in low to sell high, and investing in the stock market led me to learn about cryptocurrency. I believe cryptocurrency will become the new global monetary payment system.

Learning about cryptocurrencies has given me a hedge to keep up with rapid inflation. I invested in many utility cryptocurrencies and bought thousands of them. I’m an early investor who now waits patiently for cryptocurrency regulatory clarity to get determined. I know what I own and understand holding cryptocurrencies will turn me into the next generation of millionaires, billionaires, and cryptonaires.

The new payment system will not roll out until the declaration of clarity gets formally announced. Until the formal announcement, I will write to Congress and my state’s Senators to demand the new monetary payment system finishes its rollout.

Watch the videos below to learn about using a free form to write your state’s Senators to demand cryptocurrency regulatory clarity finally come to pass.

Crypto – Congress – Senators – PLEASE DO YOUR JOB!!!!

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Crypto Senator Messages PLEASE HELP!

PLEASE start taking action to help push forward the rollout of the new monetary system. Please do your job!

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