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Get more URLs indexed in the search engines to earn more money.

The more you write, the more you can earn. The more content you create, the more opportunity you can make money from it. The more platforms you show ads on will increase the chance of you getting paid to show ads. It is a simple formula that hundreds of thousands of people follow to generate online residual income.

Some people enjoy writing to sell physical books, some to sell digital books, and some to sell audiobooks. What if someone has no writing skills or experience have the desire to want to write to earn money? How would you start?

Because of the Internet, people can start writing online using free platforms like Blogger and free website builders. Stop being intimidated and start writing. At the start of my writing journey, people put me down and laughed at me. I got criticized for poor vocabulary and writing skills. The only way a person can get better at something is to do and do it over and over again. Over time, I got more confident and better. Others ridicule because of a lack of skill and education reflexes on the person doing the ridicule.

Developing better writing skills, in my opinion, is a skill website developers and bloggers need to perfect if they plan on producing content themselves. Again, in my opinion, writing the content yourself gives you more control over the growth of a website or blog. Being passionate about writing and producing original content will increase the chance of achieving the goal of earning money from ads placed around your content. Browse around, and you will see ads placed around my work.

One of the easiest ways to monetize website content is by showing ads around the written content. The more content produced, the more ads can surround the content. The larger a website becomes, the more ads can show. The better the quality of the content written, the more companies will pay to get their advertisement on your website’s or blog’s platform (real-estate space). Companies bid on website and blog real-estate spots.

Once a person develops a proven money-making system and continues to write articles and post blog posts, more URLs (Universal Resource Locator) get created and start to pull in streams of daily income. Work produced yesterday can earn a person money today. The articles and blog posts start to work on autopilot.

Developing an online platform to monetize is something that almost anyone can do in their spare time. Setting up solid foundations to work on can be achieved around a busy schedule. Never underestimate small steps to success. The goal is to build a website or blog reaching thousands of webpages or posts. Each webpage and blog posts produce a unique URL. The more URLs indexed into the search engines improve, the chance of earning more daily income.

Google Adsense created an income opportunity for content writers to generate revenue from showing ads on the work they produced. Whether it be the written word or uploading videos to Youtube, Google Adsense lets creators earn money. The more content a creator creates, the more money a creator can get paid. Google Adsense creators get paid for ad impressions and ad clicks. The more a creator earns, the more Google earns.

I am an Adsense publisher and a YouTube partner. It took me years to develop solid online foundations, and I did it without taking shortcuts. It has become my business to write informative quality content, produce videos, and continue to perfect skills to create better quality work. I do it to earn it, and now teach it to others.

Corporations have one thing in common. They bid on real estate space around quality content. The companies want their ads in front of website visitors more likely to click on their ads.

It is tempting to take shortcuts to success. Do not fall for the hype of paying into a proven system telling you no work is involved or skills are needed to succeed online. That is a false statement. The only people who will gain from you paying into a so-called proven system are the creators of the so-called system. Figure it out, get over the learning curve, and remove the middle people who claim you need them to succeed because you don’t need them.

Google Adsense is the godfather of all publisher programs, and in about 2018, they started to weed out clickbait and subpar content. Search engine robots crawl a website’s content to determine if a website or blog qualifies to get indexed.

Search Engine Guidelines To Follow
1: Image Titles
2: Image Captioning
3: Image Descriptions
4: Headings
5: Including SSL (Secure Socket Layer) an “s” after HTTP
6: Follow WCAG Guidelines (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
7: Orignal Content

Website Ad Monetization

Ad income can turn into streams of daily income earned.

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