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Website Ad Monetization

The more you write, the more you can earn, and if you can write well, you can gain financially from it.

Some people enjoy writing to sell physical books, and some people enjoy writing to sell digital books, and some people enjoy writing to sell audio-books. Whichever content form a person chooses to write, there is an opportunity to sell products to earn income. But what if you’re someone who has no writing experience, however, you have a desire to start writing. Where would you start? Because of the Internet, people can start writing online using free platforms like Blogger and free to use website builders. Many companies offer a free version for people to test run their service. Don’t be intimidated. Take action, start typing, and get over the fact that people will judge you. When I started writing online, people laughed and put me down for being so bad at it. Well, twelve years later, and look at me now. Not only did I become a pretty good writer, I learned how to use WordPress to write about topics I find interesting. Now you know more about me, and now I’ll speak about how I earn daily residual income monetizing websites.

I feel the easiest way to monetize website content is by showing ads around the written content. The more a person writes, the more ads can surround the content. The more a person writes, the larger a website becomes. The more webpages produced, the more ads can show. Perfecting writing skills can allow people to set up streams of income that can generate residual income. Incorporating ads to a website sets up an auto-pilot income stream. An auto-pilot income stream can earn you money while you’re not physically working.

Another reason why I feel website monetization is the easiest way to earn residual income is, a person can write content whenever they have the time. Writing content consistently can lead to forming an online business. Imagine having thousands of ads surrounding your website’s content. The more ads embedded throughout a website, the better the chances of generating daily revenue from the ads. The goal is to develop a website for thousands of webpages. Developing a large-base website is something that happens over time. I suggest quality over quantity. Don’t take shortcuts to mass-produce webpages. Search Engines seek out quality webpages to index into their search results. Producing quality content and gradually adding webpages each day, week, or month is the suggested practice of building a winning content website business.

The publisher program I use is the Google Adsense publisher program. Google Adsense created an income opportunity for content writers to generate revenue from showing ads. Each time an ad uploads and a website visitor sees it, the publisher earns income, and if a website visitor chooses to click on an ad, the publisher receives more money. It’s a genius idea. If a website developer produces engaging quality content and receives lots of visitors, a publisher can earn a steady stream of daily income. Imagine earning income every day behind the scenes while you go about your daily routine.

Google Adsense relies on content writers AND YouTube creators. A person can become a successful content writer to embed ads, and a person can produce video content to show ads. Google Adsense offers both ways to generate income, but a person does not have to utilize both options. If you enjoy writing, then start writing. If you enjoy recording videos, then record videos. If you browse around, you will notice I’m a content writer and a video creator. I’m an Adsense publisher and a YouTube partner. You can do the same. It took me years to get here, however, developing a solid foundation to expand on mattered more than mass-producing subpar work.

It is tempting to take shortcuts to success. Most people know that taking shortcuts usually backfire in the long term. Take the time to figure out what platform you want to use to start writing, then run with it. Don’t fall for the hype, and don’t fall buying into paying into programs. Take the time to learn how to use a website builder or WordPress. There is no need to pay a middle-man. An example is, I learned how to use WordPress to build websites. By doing so, I work directly with companies like Google Adsense and Amazon.

I could continue to give examples of how I got here. But, all I would be doing is telling you that you need to take action to learn to produce. After you build a solid foundation of quality work, then you can apply to Google Adsense or another publisher program to embed ads around your content.

Thanks for browsing around Make sure to visit again to stay updated. Feel free to comment down below. Remember, if I can do it, so can you.

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My Google Ads Account
My Google Ads Account

Search Engine Monetization

Corporations, businesses, and merchants, whatever the description you choose to use, they all have one thing in common, they appreciate quality website real estate space. Quality content attracts, and advertisers want to spend their marketing dollars wisely. Buying real estate space around quality content will always be the focus of target marketing.

Google is powerful. Google Adsense is the godfather of all publisher programs. To date, no other publisher program can compete against them. Many of them now partner with Google Adsense. Anyway, Google offers publishers more opportunities to generate revenue. How? Google Adsense lets publishers add a Google search engine to their website and blogs. About 2018, Google started to weed out click-bait content garbage that was saturating their search engine results. Google programmed their robots to crawl a website’s content to determine a website’s status. Website developers must follow proven practices for the chance to get indexed into the Google search engine. Examples are, image title, captioning, and description, proper headings, include a secure socket layer (SSL, an S at the end of HTTP), follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and produce original content.

Sorry about sounding like I got off topic a little bit. However, it’s all relative. Adding a Google search engine to a website can help a website’s developers bottom line. If a website’s visitor performs a search and chooses to click on a Google search engine result, the Google Adsense publisher earns revenue. Generally, traffic generated from a Google search engine clickthru pays pretty well.

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Boost Adsense Revenue
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