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Website security should be of the utmost importance before investing time developing a website. A website developer should learn about security measures then decide what services they will use to protect their creation.

It’s true. Website security matters the most. Early on, I learned hackers took pleasure in destroying people’s work. I’m a website developer who realized it was necessary to learn about website security before it would have been too late. In the early stages of me building my websites, they got hacked. It was frustrating to stop creating to learn more before moving forward. Right then and there, I knew I needed to learn about website security and how to use website security services.

I use WordPress to develop my websites. Learning early on the devastating feeling of not having control of my creation was a feeling I never want to experience again. Helplessness, stress, and anger are three emotions I don’t wish on any website developer.

There are steps a WordPress website developer can take to make it harder for a hacker to hack your website. Of course, nothing is full-proof, but not taking any precautions makes your website an easy target. Protect the assets you worked so hard to create.

The more I learned about website security, the more I wanted to protect it. So, I decided to use three services to protect my WordPress websites. I use Akismet has a spam filtering service. Akismet filters spam from comments, trackbacks, and contact form messages. I use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to create a secure connection between a client and a server over which to send information. And the third security measure I use is Wordfence. Wordfence places an endpoint firewall in front of the Secure Socket Layer.

Some people might feel using three website security services might sound extream, but both my websites got hacked. I was a victim and a victim who experienced losing access to her websites. I feel using three layers of security is worth every penny.

I could continue to persuade you to take action to protect your valuable assets, but if reading the above has not installed enough concern within you, in my opinion, you’re seeking to be a target.

Take the time to research to learn what security measures you should use to protect your websites. I wish you the best of luck in building a successful online website business.

Website Security Three Layers Of Protection

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