Money Is A Tool

It makes sense and is logical. Money should be used as a tool.

There is one thing wealthy people have in common. They use money as a tool to earn them money when they are not working for money. It makes sense and sounds logical. Whereas people who live paycheck to paycheck always physically work to earn money. They give their time to get paid to spend the money they earn. Living paycheck to paycheck does not set people up with financial security, nor does working towards a pension and social security. Inflation will always increase the cost of living, and unless people have their money working for them, they will have to work into their senior years to keep afloat with inflation. Seniors who work should do so because they enjoy it, not because they have to rely on the extra income.

The title, Money Is A Tool, should attract many readers. Everyone needs or wants more money. A person living paycheck to paycheck usually wants to learn how to earn more money by working overtime or getting a second job. Working to live is not a way of life. Not in my opinion. I worked day and night with no real purpose other than earning money. I got bored and tired. I still work but on my timetable. I also have 75% of my money working for me passively. I started thinking about money the way the wealthy do. Money should be used as a tool to earn more money.

Thinking about money differently and using money differently to earn money differently is not so easy to do. From my experience and observation of others, living paycheck to paycheck is a safe bet. Those are the same people who constantly cut corners to keep up with inflation, and those are the same people who often say, I can not afford that. The truth is that people who live paycheck to paycheck often give a false illusion of being more well off than they are. Wealthy people don’t hold debt like having car loans or credit card balances. Rich people have the freedom of time instead of needing to give their time for money. The wealthy think differently.

Since I can remember, my environment would talk about the wealthy as if being rich was for other people. I’ve also witnessed parents not teaching their children how to use money as a tool to have financial security and freedom of time. I’ve observed many parents bailing out their adult children from having high credit card debt or paying their mortgage. Nothing like a grownup living with their parents because they can not support themselves. There are many ways people choose to stay poor. In my opinion, people living paycheck to paycheck choose that lifestyle. If they don’t work, they don’t have money coming in.

It is a lifestyle change to figure out how to use money as a tool. Most don’t want to live uncomfortably or downgrade temporarily to start living like a rich person. Most don’t want to take the time to learn how to use money as a tool. I took the plunge to put myself in a better financial position, and it was not easy. I lived with less to work more to earn more money to invest that money to work for me. Instead of having staff working for me, I use my money to work for me.

Borrow money to pay fewer taxes?

Borrow money to pay less taxes? Yes, it works. The more you earn, the more taxes you pay, so I started borrowing money to use as income. To people who live paycheck to paycheck, borrowing money to use as income sounds crazy. I used to think that. Now, I do it, and that has given me time to build a business that generates passive income. I also have the time to learn more about using money as a tool. I was not afraid to borrow money to use it as a tool. Instead of spending all my hours working for money to pay taxes on the income I earned, I would take small loans and pay low interest on the loan. Understanding how to use money differently has given me more time to build a business that generates residual income. I know I must pay taxes on the residual income earned, but paying taxes on passive income allows me to live life on my terms instead of always needing to work for someone else. Eventually, I won’t have to take on loans to live. The businesses I built will produce enough money to live and keep up with inflation.

The moral of this article? Teach yourself how to use money as a tool.

I’m always looking to learn more ways to use money as a tool. If you have any suggestions, please post a comment below. How do you use money as a tool?

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