Success Truths That Hurt

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An entrepreneur’s journey is not for everyone.

I’ve been a part-time Internet entrepreneur since 2007. I did not count how I tried and failed at building an online business to generate daily passive income, but now I do. A pastime of self-teaching and practice has developed into a passion and purpose that earns me money daily. Reaching goals and succeeding feels good. However, I have learned by witnessing family and friends not truly happy for me. Since about 2007, I have spoken about my desire to become a wealthy person who eventually would not have to worry about having enough money to live a life of leisure and freedom of my time. At the time of this writing, I have developed the skills needed to produce the work that will earn me more money each day. The learning and training is complete. I now create work that automatically works to secure me financially. Reaching a higher level of understanding has given me peace of mind, control of how I earn money, more options, life purpose, and happiness. During the journey of struggle, living without, and creating something from nothing, I also learned how to become a savvy investor in stocks and utility cryptocurrency. I now have more time to do the things I need to do to live a more comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.

It hurts when you realize people prefer you better when you are at your worst, struggling, and not pleased with yourself. Just living. It makes them feel better about themselves. Most people don’t live their best lives. Finding my passion and purpose continues to enrich my life. I’m thankful I did not get what I wanted years ago and grateful I did not settle out of fear of being alone. The transition of crossing over to a more abundant lifestyle is happening. I sense it and feel it. However, I know people won’t be there for me the way I was there for them. I also know that when I live a more upscale lifestyle, the people who have been my small circle will not stay with me unless I go to them. I already know it. Branching out from what you have always known can be isolating, but living a lifestyle to make people happy is not a way of life. Nobody should hold themselves back to have less. If you are willing to be uncomfortable to make the sacrifices to level up to a higher tax bracket, you deserve to have what you worked hard for.

Success can hurt. When you start to change and succeed, feeling isolated will happen. However, don’t confuse isolation with loneliness. Isolation is not so bad. Most people need validation, lots of attention, and company most of the time. Being alone gives a person time to figure things out, make decisions, and set plans to put into action. Being alone temporarily allows people to do what needs to get done to get where they want to go. Being the chain-breaker is not a popular position. People tend to look down on a chain-breaker because of their limitations. Being an entrepreneur is not for most people.

Here is a fun statistic. Global Entrepreneur Statistics: There are approximately 594 million entrepreneurs worldwide in 2023. That is around 7.4% of the total population. I’m proud to be a part of the 7.4%

Don’t allow the limitations of others to interfere with your goals and happiness. If sharing your success with others annoys them or they don’t show genuine joy for you, you must find people living a lifestyle you want to live or connect with people who are working towards the lifestyle you want. Removing old family and friends from your world does not have to happen. I plan on keeping in touch with old family and friends, but when I start living life differently, I know I won’t be around as often, and they won’t be around as often, either.

The journey to reaching goals is gratifying and also requires acceptance of change. Becoming successful brings enjoyment and happiness. It can also create hurt. Change is uncomfortable for everyone. Success can hurt.

Take notice when……

  • You share the good news, but the people you share it with are not happy for you.
  • You share good news, but the people you share it with act jealous.
  • You share good news, but the people you share it with don’t show emotion or reaction.
  • You share good news, but the people you share it with stare at you and say nothing.
  • You share good news, but the people you share it with undervalue your achievements. Make less of it.
  • You share good news, but the people you share it with show anger.
  • You share good news, but the people you share it with feel the need to outshine your news.
  • You share good news, but the people you share it with act as if they are doing you a favor by listening.

I’ve experienced all of the above, and I’m now calling people out on their actions and started treating people the way they treat me. People don’t like it when you treat them how they treat you. I’m not sorry. I will continue to work on being a better person and help others who want to follow my lead. I’ve never been the type of person who gets jealous of others. I’m happy for people when they succeed and get what they want. It rubs me the wrong way when I sense people are jealous of others.

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