Earn Extra Income Working Roadie

Deliver for Roadie to earn extra money.

Roadie is a crowdsourced delivery platform that businesses use to save money. However, Roadie is a gig app used to earn money. If you are a gig worker seeking more apps to join to open more opportunities to earn more income, consider opening an account with Roadie.

Hi, my name is Michelle, and I’m the MyIncomeJob.com’s website developer. I’m an Internet entrepreneur who nets weekly part-time income working gig apps. Work schedule flexibility helps me balance my work life.

Recently, I joined Roadie and completed my first Roadie delivery. I now utilize one more gig app to earn money on my time. There was a glitch during my first Roadie run. However, the glitch forced me to learn how to use and navigate the Roadie app more quickly than if the glitch did not happen. I completed my first Roadie delivery, and the app updated.

Roadie takes background checks seriously. It took about two weeks for the background company Checkr to complete and approve my background check. Then, I had to wait another week for Roadie to set me up in their system. If you create a Roadie account, expect the onboarding process to take a few weeks.

The images here show an example of one type of delivery offer, Roadie lists. After you click ‘submit offer’ (accept offer), the Roadie AI (artificial intelligence) will see if you are a good match. The more deliveries you complete over time, the more you will match with delivery jobs in the future.

Roadie Gig App - Inside app example to view.
Roadie Gig App - Inside app example to view.
Roadie Gig App - Inside app example to view.

After completing a Roadie delivery job, Roadie will send you a ‘Payment Receipt’ to your email address. You can see in the image that Roadie reimburses for tolls and parking fees. Of course, you must upload a copy of proof of purchase.

Click Here to join Roadie.

Roadie Payment Receipt.

Roadie – Learning curve & glitch

Not all Apps are easy to learn.


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