Crypto investigations are desperately needed.

Crypto investigations are desperately needed. I’m reaching out to ask Congress to please write the SEC Office of the Inspector General to request an immediate comprehensive investigation of the corruption of William Hinman. Empower Oversight (EO), an independent government watchdog, has obtained evidence of a potential damaging breakdown in ethics controls at the Securities and …

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BitBoy Crypto & John Deaton

The current monetary system is failing. The engineered breakdown of the financial system is evident. I’m a cryptocurrency retail investor who believes in the new financial system.

XRP Retail Investment

I’m a New Yorker who can not buy or sell crypto on Uphold and FTX cryptocurrency exchanges. However, while watching the all-star baseball game, FTX receives mainstream advertising on baseball umpire uniforms.

Ripple XRP Letter To Congress

I’m an XRP retail investor reaching out to ask Congress to evaluate the SEC lawsuit against Ripple. I’m hoping that Congress can help expedite the rollout of Ripple’s problem-solving payment system of drastically lowering transaction fees and how Ripple’s use case can fully complete the movement of money, whether debit or credit, within seconds. I’m …

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XRP Concerned Retail Investor

I’m writing to Congress for three reasons. I want cryptocurrency regulatory clarity, request New York investors not be limited to buying crypto, and support John Deaton suing the SEC because the SEC is suing Ripple.

Congress! Crypto Clarity Please.

Congress! We need cryptocurrency clarity. Today’s antiquated point-of-sale payment systems need to be replaced by Ripple’s payment system. Businesses of all sizes need to cut costs to stay in business. Riding outdated payment systems that charge overpriced fees for small transactions can be done using Ripple’s high-speed payment system that runs on the blockchain. Ripple’s …

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Letter To Congress – I Support John Deaton

I’m an innocent XRP retail investor losing out financially because of the SEC suing Ripple. I decided to write to Congress and Senators of my state, and representatives of my district, to request an investigation of Mr. Hinman repeatedly ignored clear directives from the Ethics office to not meet with a list of entities in which he had a direct financial interest.

Crypto Support Crypto Law

In 2015, XRP became the first regulated cryptocurrency in the United States. The Department of Justice Civil Division and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) settled with Ripple, declaring XRP convertible virtual currency. Today the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is suing Ripple, claiming that their native token XRP is not virtual currency. After FinCEN declared XRP a virtual …

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