Mobile Banking

Mobile banking made easy with the ONE banking app.

Whether you are a person living paycheck to paycheck or savvy with money, entering a bank branch to bank is not necessary. Bank apps have replaced the need to visit bank branches and allow people to access their money 24-7. Bank apps make saving and spending money easy.

ONE banking mobile app Pocket saving.

Mobile banking apps give people time back. Not having to visit a bank branch or an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) to access money saves time and money. As the saying goes, time is money.

Recently, I learned about the ONE bank app. It’s a bank app linked to a rewards Mastercard debit card that gives me cash back when I shop at participating stores and helps me save with round-ups. Round-ups help me save automatically. Each time I spend money from my ONE bank app, the app rounds up to the next dollar and sends the money to my ONE savings account. Saving money without thinking about it helps me get ahead financially.

Another helpful function the ONE bank app has is a saving tool called Pockets. Pockets help you save money for specific reasons. The image example to the right shows two Pockets I set up to help me save for car insurance and holiday spending.

ONE Bank Saving Pocket example

I learned about the ONE bank app while earning money as a Spark delivery person. After completing a Spark job of Shop & Deliver or Curbside Pickup, I would receive Instant Pay to my ONE bank app account. Watch the video to get an inside view of my ONE bank account.

Move your money the easy way and set up a gain plan. 5.00% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on saving balances with eligible deposits and no monthly fees. Download the ONE bank mobile app.

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