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Join Spark to deliver Walmart deliveries. Shop Walmart and deliver too.

At almost 24-7, a person can turn on an app, swipe availability and accept pick up and delivery or shop, pay, and deliver to earn income. Gig app jobs are a perfect fit for people needing to generate a secondary income. But what happens when a store does not have the products a gig worker is shopping for? Does the gig worker get paid less money? In most cases, yes, but the problem is that time is money, and gig workers do not want to waste their time unless the payout is worth it. If a gig worker accepts an offer claiming to pay $25.00, the gig worker expects a $25.00 payout. Driving to a store, walking the store to shop, scanning the products to bag the products, and then driving to the drop-off is work and time-consuming.

No items? Spark still PAID ME !
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In June 2023, I signed up to use the Spark Application to earn income. What did I learn? Spark still pays you if items you shop for are out-of-stock in the store.

I’m a gig worker who enjoys using gig apps to earn income. I started picking up small food orders from local restaurants to deliver, moved up to small catering orders delivering to offices, to shopping at stores to shop, pay, and drop off. What did I learn in the interim? Apps like InstaCart do not pay gig workers for their time and effort. I’ve accepted offers from InstaCart and spent about an hour getting to a store to learn not all the items on the customer’s shopping list were available. The InstaCart business model works like this. The fewer products you find, the less you earn. In my opinion, that is not fair to a person choosing to give their time for money.

Fast-forward to June 2023. I jumped on the Spark platform and learned if products are not available in the store (like clothes), Spark pays you the total of the offer a gig worker accepts. I accepted an offer, and the payout was $18.00. I drove to the store to shop, and two items were not in stock. Spark still paid $18.00 for my time and effort.

If you would like to join Spark, download the app and use the code – MCA6C7I5

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