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When looking back and reviewing the life choices you have made, do you feel you are in a better position?

For most of my life, I lived a lifestyle of boredom. I lived in a way to fit the environment I was raised in and worked in. I tried a handful of different industries, but none held my interest. I was always labeled a great worker and talked myself into going to jobs to work environments I didn’t enjoy being in. As I got older, it became clear that I had to ignore what others thought of me and my choices to create the life I deserved. What would that be? Firstly, realizing I deserved more instead of less. I want a lifestyle of freedom of my time while earning money to live comfortably and perform tasks that are not repetitively boring. So what did I do? I started working on Gig apps, and working on Gig apps let me work on my timetable. Working as an Independent Contractor gave me time to work on building online foundations that earn me daily recurring income. Working as an Independent Contractor forced me to take better care of myself emotionally and financially. Do I miss working a weekly set schedule? Nope, not at all. Am I still a great worker? Yes, I am, and I know it because I’m succeeding financially.

Technology evolves rapidly, and that can be a good or a bad thing. Some people get comfortable, and I’m guilty of that, and some people try new opportunities to expand and grow.

I finally leaped to jump on the Spark app to open more doors and earn more income. I can shop and deliver, curbside pickup and delivery, and pick up returns to bring back to a store for Spark app customers. Joining the Spark app gave me three more ways to earn money.

Happy Gig app workers.

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Website passive income streams.

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I’m an Independent Contractor Gig worker who writes about earning income offline to earn passive income online. I continue to expand my ecosystem of income streams. Sometimes, I work out in the field and record videos showing people how I use the apps to earn income. I upload the videos to a YouTube channel (HomeBaseIncome101), and YouTube displays ads around the videos I upload. People watch the ads, and I earn income. I also write about Gig apps to earn income. Google shows ads around the content I write. There are many more ways I generate money from online work, which I created yesterday, but I’m here to shout out one of the latest videos I uploaded about the Spark Gig app. One app gave me three more ways to earn money, and the app continues to set up more ways for Gig workers to get paid.

Check out the video to learn more about the Spark app, and visit the link to join the Spark family.
Referral Code to use to join SPARK – MCA6C7I5

Spark uses the One Bank app to pay their Gig workers. The Spark app led me to the One Bank app, where I spend using the One Bank debit card to receive cash back rewards. Believing in myself led me to more money, time, and time to branch out to join and set up more streams of passive income. If I did not change, my life would have never gotten better.

Let me go back to the moral of the story. If desired, people can develop skills to write about their life experiences, format an original blueprint, and have work they created today earn them money tomorrow. Of course, generating recurring streams of income online is my goal. However, during the journey, I realized I needed to become self-sufficient and care for myself better. I needed to pursue a financial education to learn how to get my money to work for me while working for money, set up more passive income streams to earn me money in the future, and live life. You learn what needs to happen to change, who to stop listening to, and who you must stop hanging around with. Other people’s opinions do not matter.

Some people don’t understand the concept of working for free for themselves. Some people don’t want to endure the struggle of working for free themselves to earn future recurring streams of income. Living with less than or without is not in their DNA. Then you have people who understand the concept of working for free for yourself but can not handle the fear of the unknown. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. However, preventing yourself from having more to continue to fit in with people who need the security of routine and structure and appreciate a steady paycheck each week should not hold you back from having more than you ever imagined. Writing this blog post on July 8, 2023, the world is radically changing, and what worked yesterday does not work today. The industry in every workforce is changing, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is transforming all industries.

DNA is the hereditary characteristic of cells and organisms, but a person can change their mindset and become a chain-breaker.

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  1. Your article and story are inspiring! From reading it, I can sense the authenticity and hard work you put into your online business. I watched one of your videos about Google Ads which helped me tremendously. Thank you!

    1. Hello Kandis,
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I’m glad to hear that one of my videos helped you understand Google Adsense more than before.

      There is much more to come. Again, thank you.

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