dumpling Boss Shopper App

Start you own grocery delivery business.

The dumpling payment credit card is not accepted everywhere. No longer in business.

dumpling boss bad business model

dumpling Boss Shopper App

The dumpling payment credit card is not accepted everywhere.

The dumpling app does not support the inventory of many stores. Clients must add items one by one.

99% of my dumpling business came from clients who had me shop at Trader Joe’s, and the clients were repeat clients too.

The dumpling payment credit card is not accepted everywhere. No longer in business.

The opinion shared in this article is the opinion I have. My opinion is just that. I paid $29.00 a month to use the dumpling app to try to start a shopping business, and it did not work out for me. Was it the lack of advertising for my shopping service? I advertised by word of mouth and Internet marketing, paid for targeted local advertising, and handed out hundreds of business cards over 16 months. I could not get the business off the ground.

In 2017, I started working on gig apps to earn extra money, and in 2019 I quit my W-2 job and started working on gig apps full-time. I understand how gig apps work and know how to hustle to earn good money working with the apps.

In addition to being a gig worker hustler, I’m a website developer, content writer, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert. I know how to get marketing materials in front of the right audience.

Introducing a new app to the masses is not an easy task. In the early stages of starting my shopping service using the dumpling app, dumpling would offer a discount or compensation to people who would try out the dumpling app. It was one of the dumpling ways of introducing the app.

I paid $29.00 monthly to use the dumpling app to run my business and would join in on training calls. In the training calls, the dumpling team would teach how to use the app, how to get clients and discuss ideas to help potential clients use the app, and how to advertise to build a client list. I did everything suggested and more. I created marketing materials, recorded videos, promoted on social media, and paid for advertising. 99% of the clients I received were from the app who wanted me to shop at Trader Joe’s for them.

In March 2023, the dumpling team sent out a message to all business owners who shopped at Trader Joe’s for clients stating dumpling received mounting legal pressure from Trader Joe’s and now must completely cease supporting any business from Trader Joe’s on their platform. Dumpling was using Trader Joe’s catalog in their app. Trader Joe’s never permitted them to do so.

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Don’t be taken for a fool like I did. Why would anyone pay to use a blank app to start a shopping business? You will pay to use a blank app, and you will be the person who teaches clients how to use it while you pay to use it. Buy a blank app to start a grocery shopping business. The dumpling app does not supply a store’s inventory.


January 3, 2021

On Dec 1st, 2020 Dumpling Business Owners can no longer require a minimum tip. Their fees have also increased so that they are charging almost 10% on every order if you are not grandfathered into the fee structure mentioned in the article above. They have begun to insert themselves into areas of our business they have no business in by also reaching out to business owners’ clients without the business owners’ consent. They require you to join their Facebook group, which they claim is a channel for communication and updates from the company, but business owners have been kicked out of the group for voicing their opinions about their decision to take away their ability to require a minimum gratuity. And they refuse to make a y improvements to the app even though business owners constantly bring issue to their attention.

They even actively encourage business owners to advise their clients to use Dumpling’s competitors platform to build their shopping list if the customer complains about the horrible app. Dumpling is little by little positioning themselves to be the next Instacart and everything they are doing to get there is shady and greedy!!

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