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dumpling – Launch your own grocery delivery service.

The opinions expressed in this article are my own. It’s just my opinion. I did not start a successful business using the Dumpling Boss app. I was paying $29.00 a month to use the Dumpling Boss app to start a grocery shopping business. Did my shopping service lack advertising? Not at all. Over 14 months, I advertised through word-of-mouth and Internet marketing, paid for targeted local advertising, handed out hundreds of business cards, produced videos, and banner advertisements, wrote articles and blog posts to get indexed into the Search Engines, and promoted on social media. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get repeat business.

Being self-disciplined allowed me to make money on my schedule, and in 2017, I began working on gig apps to earn money.

In 2019, I quit my W-2 job and worked gig apps full-time while developing new skills to build websites to earn recurring income online.

Along with being a gig worker hustler, I’m also a website developer, content writer, and SEO specialist. I know how to get marketing materials in front of the right audience.

Dumpling would connect new clients to new Dumpling Bosses as a way to motivate while Dumpling gave a discount or compensation to people who used the app to receive feedback.

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The story shared in this article discusses my experience and my opinion. Form your own opinion.

Grocery Shopper App

Grocery Shopper App

To the left is an image of an article describing one’s point-of-view of using the Dumpling Boss app to run a shopping business.

In the article, the person claims that ‘Dumpling has inserted themselves into areas of our business they have no business in by also reaching out to business owners’ clients without consent of the Dumpling Boss business owner.

I felt that was happening too, and it is because, all of a sudden, I had no clients placing orders.

You can visit this link to review the article to read more.

dumpling ethical business model? #dumplingboss
dumpling Article Discussion – #dumpling

According to the Dumpling team, in March 2023, Dumpling had received mounting legal pressure from Trader Joe’s and now must cease supporting any business from Trader Joe’s on their platform. Dumpling was using Trader Joe’s catalog in their app. Trader Joe’s never permitted them to do so.

I hope the information shared here helps you understand what is involved with starting a shopping business using the Dumpling app. The Dumpling app is a BLANK app that you pay to use. The Dumpling app does NOT supply a store’s inventory. When a customer creates a shopping list, they must add items one at a time. Come back soon and thanks for visiting.

dumpling boss app is bad business.
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