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The decentralized web is opening new doors leading to new opportunities to gain financially.

Understanding the concept of working for free is a concept most don’t understand. Working-class people prefer the security of giving their time for money. Most people have been programmed from childhood to work for money instead of learning how to have their income earn them money while they are out generating money. Programming people early in life to only rely on working to earn an income is a programming mindset. Unless children are taught and guided, they develop into adults who believe the only way to get money is to give their time to receive money.

I am a person who thought the more hours I worked for other people would make me money and put me in a more secure financial position. From my 40 + years of working experience (I started working at age eleven), I learned working more hours to earn more money was not the financial security I was working so hard for. My health suffered, and I could not keep up with inflation. It finally hit me that I needed to figure out how to create cashflows of earning passive income while I went about my business of working and living. The Internet held the answer for me.

Fast forward to the title of this blog post, Website InterWeb Income. In my early 30’s, I learned about the Internet. I have lived without the Internet, cell phones, or apps. I lived and worked during the industrial age, and now I live and work in a technology age.

As I entered the World Wide Web, I browsed, adjusted to email communication, started paying bills online, started shopping online, and then, one day, it hit me. I saw the opportunity to create cashflows of income. I joined article-writing websites to earn extra cash, which led me to sell products online, and I started blogging using Google’s Blogger. The experience gave me a taste of what I could achieve if I could learn new skills of how to use programs to start an online business without paying outrageous out-of-pocket costs. Twenty years later, I’m finally producing quality content and creating more cashflows without second-guessing myself. Struggling to learn and not taking shortcuts was the surest way to reach this level of understanding. On-the-job training and experience turn a person into an expert.

The Internet was exposed to me in the 1990s. Developing technology skills to work in a technology world has improved my way of life. Instead of missing the chance to reinvent myself, I chose to study to use the Internet of today to enter the Internet of tomorrow and create a more secure financial standing. I now earn daily passive income from showing ads on my website’s real estate space, selling products and services, YouTube income, and recruiting people to download and use apps. It’s now time to soar.

The journey of creating something from nothing is not for everyone. Most people don’t want to live in a way most won’t live to live a lifestyle most will never live. Sacrificing and living without while taking a chance on a vision that your circle of family and friends would never live is not for the weak. Most people don’t want to do it alone, don’t want to miss out on entertaining activities to fill their time, and most people fear the unknown. Going down a path alone is not for most people. If you have what it takes to go it alone to live a life of financial comfort by creating cashflows using the web and technology and investing in the new financial system like blockchain and cryptocurrencies, understand that you must not allow other’s perceptions of living intercept your path to creating generational wealth.

Let me get back to the topic of this blog post again. I upload videos to a Youtube channel to show people the steps I take to move forward online. There is no secret to setting up income streams to earn daily income. Take the time to develop the skills needed to produce the content to set the motion of earning daily residual income. Remove yourself from the outside noise of people, read, study, practice, and start developing an online world you run that generates you money even when you are not physically working. The future gets brighter and more comfortable when you don’t have to work for others until the day that you die.

Website InterWeb Income

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