Start A Grocery Delivery Business

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Start your own personal grocery shopping business.

I was paying $29.00 a month to use the dumpling boss app to start a shopping business of my own. I strategized, researched, organized, and produced videos and banner advertisements, wrote articles and blog posts, and handed out business cards and word-of-mouth advertising.

The Dumpling app does not supply store inventory. If you are going to give a lot of time to get your shopping business off the ground, you might as well purchase or build a blank app of your own and write it off as a tax deduction. Stop working for free to make someone else rich.

The story shared in this article discusses my experience and my opinion. Form your own opinion.

dumpling payment Visa credit card

The Dumpling payment Visa credit card is not accepted everywhere.

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Start A Grocery Delivery Business

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The story shared in this article discusses my experience and my opinion. Form your own opinion.

The story shared in this article discusses my experience and my opinion. Form your own opinion.

Gig store shoppers who work InstaCart or Shipt appreciate the flexibility of using the applications to earn a steady income. Whether full-time or part-time, the chance to make money on the spot when needed helps people stay afloat financially without the responsibilities of running a business of their own.

Hello, my name is Michelle Cesare, and I’ve been working with gig apps since 2017. I live in Nassau County, Long Island. At the start of 2017, I was one of the first Dashers and UberEats delivery people in the Long Island area to use the apps to pick up and deliver food to earn income.

As time passed, I joined InstaCart, and a fellow LongIslander showed me how to use the InstaCart platform. Shopping for others to make money on my timetable added to my weekly income.

Fast forward to 2021, I learned about Dumpling. Dumpling is an application used to run a shopping service of your own. However, it is your time and energy to build up a client list of repeat business. Dumpling gives you marketing materials to promote your service, but you will be advertising the Dumpling business model for free while using the Dumpling marketing materials. It does not matter if you succeed. You will be working for free to promote their business model of earning revenue.

In 2018, I leaped to become a full-time offline and online entrepreneur. Because of my hands-on experience using gig apps to earn a steady income, I knew how to work them to make money. During the same time, I developed more online marketing skills to create recurring income cashflows. Upsetting was an understatement when I realized I was fooled and working for free. Forcing myself to take down over one hundred URLs and throwing away marketing materials I produced is hard to swallow. I lost a lot of time, wasted energy, and money.

My new passion will be to help protect innocent people from getting lured into situations that will use them to get ahead financially.

I’ve stated many times not to take shortcuts to get ahead financially. Not realizing using someone else’s app to jump-start a shopping business is a shortcut. Paying to use someone else’s BLANK app only makes the people selling the app’s service money. A person might as well purchase a BLANK app, gain clients, and teach them how to create a shopping list in the app. No store inventory is needed to start an app-shopping business.

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The story shared in this article discusses my experience and my opinion. Form your own opinion.

Gig Shopper App #personalshopper #gigappshopper
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