Grocery Shopping App

The dumpling payment credit card is not accepted everywhere. No longer in business.

The dumpling grocery shopping app does not support the inventory of many stores. Clients must add each product individually and manually.

The dumpling payment credit card is not accepted everywhere. No longer in business.

Pay Shipt or dumpling Prices?

Stop overpaying for grocery delivery. See for yourself how you are overpaying for products and services.

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Grocery Shopping App

How To Set Up A dumpling Shopping List –

Long Island Dumpling Shopper –

Download the dumpling application to place a grocery order without paying product price markups and paying no credit card or membership fees.

Placing a grocery order in a grocery app while watching the kids play a sports game or waiting at a doctor’s office or the mechanics is a time-saving convenience. Grocery shopping is not only for food but for cleaning, paper goods, and personal products is a time-consuming task that many don’t have the time to do. Paying someone to lighten the load of the responsibility is priceless.

Hiring someone to grocery shop is priceless to people with busy schedules, but the service does not need to be overpriced. Grocery apps like InstaCart and Shipt created a business model around an in-demand service by having customers pay monthly or yearly fees, pay the credit card processing fee, and charge service fees to run their applications. In addition to paying many fees, grocery apps overprice products too. At least half of the grocery list will show product price markups, and marking up product prices can increase the total bill by up to 30%. That is a fact, so why would someone pay more to receive less for receiving the same service? I would have to assume people want to pay in-store prices and fewer fees.

There is a grocery application that does not charge membership or credit card fees and, in some cases, doesn’t charge a platform fee. It’s called dumpling. People who enjoy shopping as a profession pay to use the dumpling application to run a grocery shopping business. Dumpling grocery shoppers are small business owners who set their prices. Dumpling grocery shoppers are personal shoppers up for hire. Because they pay to use the dumpling application, fees are minimal, and product prices are never marked up. Dumpling clients pay the in-store price, don’t pay credit card or membership fees, and some dumpling shoppers do not charge their clients a platform fee. By the dumpling small business owner paying to use the dumpling app, the cost of running the dumpling application does not have to lie on the client. People who place grocery orders on the dumpling app pay less to receive the shopping service. It is a fact that clients pay less using the dumpling app.

Place a grocery order in the dumpling app.

Download the dumpling shopping app on Google Play.
Click to download the dumpling app in the App Store
Find a grocery shopper in the dumpling app.
Enter a zip code in the dumpling app to search for a grocery shopper.
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