Food Shopping App

The dumpling payment credit card is not accepted everywhere. No longer in business.

The dumpling food shopping app does not support the inventory of many stores. Clients must add each product individually and manually.

The dumpling payment credit card is not accepted everywhere. No longer in business.

Hire a dumpling grocery shopper – Pay less for grocery service.

🍩 🛒 InstaCart overcharge customers. Place a grocery order in the dumpling app to save money.

Dumpling Shopper –

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Food Shopping App

Food Shopping App

To place a grocery order in the dumpling app.

Not all grocery apps overcharge customers. Have you heard of the dumpling grocery app? It’s an app where people can place food orders, choose a shopper, and pay less. When placing a grocery order, product prices are never marked up, and the client (customer) never pays credit card processing fees. The goal of dumpling shoppers is to charge clients less, save them money, and provide quality service at the same time.

Shoppers listed on the dumpling app are small business owners. The shoppers pay rent to use the dumpling app, and because they cover the cost, people using the dumpling app to place grocery orders don’t have to pay service fees. There is no reason to overcharge a client. Clients (the customers) don’t need to pay membership fees to pay fewer fees like delivery fees and credit card fees, and in some cases, clients don’t need to pay a platform fee either. If people hire me through the dumpling app, I waive the platform fee. Why charge a client a platform fee if I don’t have to? Because I’m a small business owner paying to use the dumpling app to run my shopping business, I cover the platform fee. I deduct it at tax time. My clients pay less, and I earn more. There is no third-party app overcharging my clients. Riding the middleman helps keep prices lower while still receiving reasonable pay. The client wins, and so do I.

In the video above, you can learn how to create a grocery list in the dumpling app, and the grocery list gets saved for future orders.

Enter your zip code to have groceries delivered to your door.

Clients pay no credit card processing fees, pay no membership fees, and pay no platform fee when hiring me.

How to place a dumpling shopping order

Hire me Long Island!

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Hire a dumpling shopper and always pay in-store prices.

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