asset income

Asset income is the money earned from ownership of various assets that generate revenue. Real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and other types of investments are examples of assets that generate income.


Websites can become an asset too. If you are like me and enjoy building websites and blogs to produce passive streams of income online, I can tell you that it works. Want to learn more about it? Watch the video. I still practice what I preach.


Webpages Can Become Assets


Website Asset Income video

Build Income Streams Online

Online income streams earn you money. Setting up passive income streams speaking about everyday topics is possible. Article writing, blogging, website building, and uploading videos sharing life’s experiences can earn you daily residual income. The more work produced, the more daily residual income a person can generate. I’m a self-taught Internet entrepreneur. Almost daily, I

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MyIncomeJob Blog

Website Income-Gig Work-Asset Investing-Stocks-Money-Cryptocurrency Creating’s website shows people that an average person can learn a new way of earning money. Not only buy assets that appreciate, create assets that appreciate. Giving time for money is the most common way of earning money. People can earn money by setting up their money to work for

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