Entrepreneurial Hustle

Self-made entrepreneurs hustle and grind work more than most.

The hustle of an entrepreneur can be gratifying. Investing in assets that gain value, creating streams of daily recurring income, and giving time to get paid for providing a service on your terms, would have to be most people’s desire. Being able to rearrange work schedules to fit around life’s responsibilities is something that most don’t get to experience.

I speak to an audience of gig workers, independent contractors, entrepreneurs, Internet entrepreneurs, and small business owners who value a freedom lifestyle. Yes, most of us have to work to live comfortably, but we do it on our timetable.

In the video below, I explain to my audience how I’m pushing forward with getting ahead financially and the choices I decided to make to continue growth. Difficult decisions and sacrifices had to happen to start living a more financially secure life.

An entrepreneur hustle is an unrelenting focus and action towards a goal critical to business success. It is the drive and determination to make something happen, no matter the obstacles. It is the desire to identify what is interfering and create a plan to move forward. It is the willingness to take risks and persist in working to make a business successful. It is the dedication to make something happen, even when it seems impossible. It is the ability to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems.

An entrepreneur organizes and operates a business taking on more than-normal financial risks.

A self-made entrepreneur creates and develops a business model from the ground up.

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