Crypto Law Regulation Request

Crypto clarity needs to happen.

My name is Michelle Cesare, a Long Island New Yorker who invests in Cryptocurrency. I’m writing to ask when Senators of New York State and Representative Kathleen Rice begin an investigation of the Securities and Exchange Commission in regards to the regulation of cryptocurrencies and possible financial conflicts of interest involving former Director of Corporation Finance William Hinman?

I’m asking for all three representatives to take action to demand an investigation to help cryptocurrency regulatory clarity finally come to pass.

I’m a cryptocurrency investor who understands the rollout of the new payment system and understands that my financial security is unstable because of the non-declaring of cryptocurrency regulation.

Thank you for your time and hope I start to witness the forward movement of the new payment system.

Visit Crypto-law.us and click on “Connect To Congress”. John E. Deaton is suing the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) because of the damage being inflicted to XRP retail investors.

The central banks and the federal reserve are holding back the rollout of cryptocurrencies. Regulation must come into play for people to openly use cryptocurrencies to pay for services, food, and bills. Regulatory clarity of the new money system must get adopted in the United States for the United States to match what other countries are already using.

Forcing regulatory clarity for cryptocurrencies will rid the non-utility cryptocurrencies off the market. Doing so will remove the stigma of cryptocurrency not being labeled money. Cryptocurrency is money. People sell cryptocurrency to use it as currency. Cryptocurrency gets used to pay for goods and services.

Some cryptocurrencies are considered utility crypto. XRP for example. XRP will be used as a form of converting all currencies into desired currencies. Without the XRP being used as a bridge currency, the new global monetary system will never get completely rolled out.

Crypto – Congress – Senators – PLEASE DO YOUR JOB!!!!

Visit John Deaton’s Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/c/CryptoLawTV

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