Cryptocurrency Global Payment System

Crypto running the global payment system? You know it.

I’m a United States citizen, New York Long Islander, requesting Congress’s representatives to demand an investigation of the SEC. It’s time for the SEC to do its job to help protect retail investors who invest in crypto.

I’m a crypto investor who owns thousands of shares of utility cryptocurrencies. I’ve taken the time to learn about the cryptocurrency’s use cases while the fiat dollar becomes more valueless.

I’ve been stuck in the transition from the fiat dollar to crypto for a very long time and requesting senators and representatives to step up to find out why it is taking so long for any authority to finish rolling out the new payment system. My financial security depends on the new payment system to complete its rollout.

Thank you for your time.

Visit Crypto-law.us and click on “Connect To Congress”. John E. Deaton is suing the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) because of the damage being inflicted to XRP retail investors.

The content you read above is one of the many messages I have sent to United States Senators and Representatives. Writing almost weekly to them shows support for John Deaton for suing the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in fighting for Ripple and all retail cryptocurrency investors. It’s time for regulatory clarity to come into play. Because of the breaking down of the old monetary system to introduce CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currency), it is vital to set in stone what XRP should be labeled. Is XRP a security?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has abused its powers, stifled innovation, and put investors at risk by refusing to provide clear rules for market participants in the blockchain industry and digital asset markets.

Under Chairman Gary Gensler, the SEC has systematically shut down good companies and projects with enforcement actions and heavy fines for “noncompliance” while refusing to explain what “compliance” means. That is not regulation. It is extortion.

In the meantime, the SEC has failed to prevent massive frauds. It has failed to protect a single investor.

Congress must step in immediately. There is no excuse to delay work on a clear regulatory framework for digital assets. I urge you to write to the senate banking committee and demand immediate legislation that sets clear rules and ends the SEC’s abusive actions.

Crypto Senator Messages PLEASE HELP!

PLEASE start taking action to help push forward the rollout of the new monetary system. Please do your job!

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