ETHGate Bitcoin XRP Ripple Regulatory Clarity Please

ETHGate Bitcoin XRP Ripple Regulatory Clarity Please

Allowing innovation to be held back in the United States while the rest of the world embraces the use of technology should be considered criminal. Why? Because while many parts of the world continue to accept and adapt to using blockchain payment system protocols to save money, time, and energy, the United States economy continues to reach a crippling state.

The SEC lawsuit against Ripple must conclude. The forced stagnation of the mainstream use of Ripple and its native token holds back XRP retail investors. Holding back Ripple and its XRP liquid token prevents all United States cryptocurrency investors from gaining financially. Not taking action to force a decision of the SEC lawsuit against Ripple restricts all cryptocurrency investors from obtaining the chance to create generational wealth. It’s time for Congress to step in because nobody else is.

It’s bad enough that Ethereum continues to receive a free pass of being used to convert to fiat money to pay for goods and services. Ethereum does not solve the problem of over-flatted fees. If anything, Ethereum makes Swift look like a better option. In addition to Ethereum not solving transaction remittance problems, Bitcoin uses too much energy. Proof-of-work does not work.

Please, Congress, I’m a New York XRP retail investor asking for cryptocurrency to get regulated. I’m waiting to learn the outcome to move forward with my future.

Please start the needed ETHGate investigation and please force a decision of whether XRP is a security or not.

I reach out to Congress to support all cryptocurrency retail investors and show support to John Deaton suing the SEC because the SEC is suing Ripple.

ETHGate-Bitcoin-XRP Ripple Regulatory Clarity Please

Digital Asset Investor – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtQycmSrKdJ0zE0bWumO4vA/videos

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