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In 2015, XRP became the first regulated cryptocurrency in the United States. Ripple’s payment system can expedite money transactions within seconds globally using its native token XRP, as liquidity.

I am contacting Congress to request an investigation of the Securities and Exchange Commission suing Ripple. The lawsuit continues to drag on with no resolution. If no conclusion continues, XRP retail investors will continue to lose thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars in addition to Ripple’s use case payment system not solving the problem of over-charging fees and long lag times on all money transactions globally.

I’m reaching out to Congress to step in to make the people responsible for holding back XRP liquidity integration accountable.

I am also reaching out to Congress to find out why Ethereum is allowed to charge outrageous gas fees. Using XRP liquidity would solve the problem of overpaying to move money around the world. Ripple and XRP bridge and converts all money.

Congress, please force the SEC Ripple lawsuit to conclude. XRP needs regulated clarity. Ripple, XRP retail investors, and cryptocurrency investors are ready to use the new global currency regularly. Minimizing transaction fees would help all levels of income brackets.

I’m here to show support and gratitude to John Deaton, who is suing the SEC because the SEC is suing Ripple. Mr. Deaton’s selflessness offers his time and expertise to help protect innocent XRP retail investors. John Deaton is also setting the stage to help defend all cryptocurrency investors.

XRP Ripple Support

My weekly letter to Congress. You can be heard using the “Connect To Congress Button” at Crypto-law.us.

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