Bing Search Engine

Bing is a search engine launched in 2009 by the American software company Microsoft Corporation.

Bing provides search experiences tailored to the needs of work and school users. Bing looks at search results across the web and summarizes responses to specific questions and needs. It also provides useful features related to images and videos.

Bing URL Submission Tool

Google Search Console

Google’s free tool to help website developers and bloggers get indexed into search engines and provides analytical insight. Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) is a free web service provided by Google that allows website owners to monitor their website’s presence and performance on the Google Search Engine Results page (SERP). The …

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Bing URL Submission Tool

Use Bing’s free URL Submission tool to speed up search engine indexing. Bing URL Submission Tool is a free online service provided by Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, that allows website owners and developers to submit a website’s URLs directly to the Bing search index. This tool can help website owners/developers speed up getting their new …

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