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Bing offers a free URL submission search engine tool.

Bing URL Submission Tool is a free online service provided by Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, that allows website owners and developers to submit a website’s URLs directly to the Bing search index. This tool can help website owners/developers speed up getting their new or updated content indexed by Bing’s search engine.

When using the Bing free URL submission tool, website owners can submit up to 10,000 URLs per day, with each URL containing no more than 500 characters.

The URLs submitted using Bing’s free tool will get crawled by Bing’s web crawler. If they meet Bing’s quality guidelines, the URLs will get added to the Bing index and made available to Bing’s users in search results.

It’s important to note that while submitting URLs to Bing using this tool can help speed up the indexing process, it doesn’t guarantee that the website’s URL will get ranked higher in Bing’s search results.

The reason to use Bing’s free tool is to increase the chances of getting all of your website’s or blog’s URLs indexed to Bing’s Search Engine.

Bing uses a complex algorithm to determine the relevance and ranking of webpages in its search results with various factors such as content quality, context length, use of alternative tags, meta description, use of headers, website authority, and user engagement.

Getting indexed by search engines can bring several benefits to your website. When a website gets indexed by search engines, it becomes visible to people searching for relevant keywords or phrases.

Search engines want a better user experience, and websites that offer a good user experience, such as fast loading times, easy website navigation, and mobile responsiveness, help a URL receive a SERP.

Bing Meta Tag Description and Tagline

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