Youtube Banner Fits All Devices

The more technology created, the more device platforms Youtube channel banners need to fit properly.

I say it all the time. Technology evolves fast and adds added responsibility to keep your work up-to-date. When building websites and updating social media banners and images, it is necessary to make sure the banners and images are viewable on all devices.

I run several Youtube channels. I felt it was time to update dated banners, and because I improved my skills, I created a Youtube banner that is correctly viewable on all devices. It is now necessary to make sure that your Youtube banner fits the dimensions of smart TVs, desktops, laptops, tablets, and cellphones.

The Youtube recommended aspect ratio of banner images is 16:9. To ensure viewers can see your banner properly from all devices, especially mobiles—keep the size within 2560p x 1440p.

Because technology changes rapidly, I suggest you do a google search to find the correct dimensions a banner needs to be. The measurements change often. Use a search term like, what is the Youtube banner size for 20__? Or, how do I make my Youtube banner fit all device sizes? That should work.

Why suggest performing a search engine search to learn what banner size ratio is needed to upload Youtube channel banners? It’s because technology constantly evolves. That means rules and requirements are continually changing.

Because Youtube builds new ways to earn money with its Partnership Program, creators must continuously educate themselves like most in most industries. Staying on top of new features and functions of performing tasks and keeping up with new guidelines, a Youtube creator would lose in earning money as a Youtube Partner.

I decided to upgrade my InternetEducation101 Youtube channel’s banner to help sell myself better. The Youtube banner shows below.

Internet Education Youtube Channel
Internet Education Youtube Channel

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