XRP Retail Investment

I’m a retail cryptocurrency investor waiting patiently to learn the faith of the outcome of the SEC suing Ripple. I’m an innocent retail XRP investor who continues to lose money because of no decision on what XRP should be labeled. Every day no determination of XRP should be considered a security or currency forces Ripple and XRP retail investors to lose money. The longer Ripple’s global conversion payment system gets suppressed, all cryptocurrency investors continue to lose money.

I’m a New Yorker who can not buy or sell crypto on Uphold and FTX cryptocurrency exchanges. However, while watching the all-star baseball game, FTX receives mainstream advertising on baseball umpire uniforms. Meanwhile, New York state residents can not buy or sell crypto on FTX or Uphold.

Ethereum continues to receive a free pass by being used to pay for products and services, and I believe it does let ETH validators earn a ridiculous amount of money by over-charing gas fees. Blockchain technology is supposed to minimize transaction fees, not over-inflate them. Cryptocurrency (money) moving around on the ERC-20 blockchain does not lower transaction fees.

Retail cryptocurrency investors are missing out on buying valuable utility cryptocurrency assets. Can Congress step in to regulate cryptocurrency?

I’m writing to Congress to support all cryptocurrency retail investors and show support to John Deaton, who is suing the SEC because the SEC is suing Ripple.

Ripple XRP Crypto Congress Letter

You too can write to Congress using Crypto-Law.us free message form.

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