XRP Concerned Retail Investor

I’m writing to Congress for three reasons. I want cryptocurrency regulatory clarity, request New York investors not be limited to buying crypto, and support John Deaton suing the SEC because the SEC is suing Ripple.

I’m an XRP retail investor who continues to watch the breakdown of an outdated payment system that contributes to damaging businesses in addition to charging over-inflated cross-border payments. The antiquated money transaction process digs deep into a business’s revenue and financially hurts people who send money abroad because of the over-inflated fees. I’m an XRP retail investor who understands the rollout of Ripple’s speedy transaction system would fully complete monetary transactions within seconds. Implementing Ripple’s needed payment system would help businesses and people globally, help bring about cryptocurrency regulatory clarity, and finally let XRP retail investors reap the monetary rewards rightfully deserved.

Congress, please start the investigation of the corruption of Jay Clayton and William Hinman to help fast-forward the rollout of Ripple’s problem-solving payment system and to grant XRP retail investors their due capital gain.

Congress, please step in and take action.

Congress Weekly Letter Crypto Clarity PLEASE!

I’m a New York XRP investor who writes to her Senators weekly to ask for forward motion of Ripple’s payment system.

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