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Gaining experience helps a person develop a special skill and working a special skill long enough forms a person into an expert.  Learning the ins and outs of a profession gives a person experience which turns a person into an expert.  🙂  

Revenue Sharing websites give people the chance to earn income without learning to use Ad programs.  When using Ad programs, a person must learn how to manually create an Ad code to include the code in their articles.  Not everyone wants to learn how to produce codes.  Some people want to focus writing informative interesting articles that over time will earn them income.  Many people earn steady monthly income doing just that.

Everyone must start someplace.  I started writing at Revenue Sharing websites and the two Revenue Sharing websites I used are still around.  They are still around because both companies know how to run an online business.  They developed a platform to earn money for themselves and at the same time give people the chance to earn money without the hassle of running a full-blown Internet business.

The two Revenue Sharing websites I’m speak about above?  Hubpages and Infobarrel.  I give these two revenue sharing websites a few shout outs around this website because I used them and know they pay.  Articles I wrote years ago still earn me some money each month.



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