WordPress Static Pages and Blog Post

Canonical connection helps with search engine optimization.

I use WordPress as a website builder and as a blogging platform.

The more website and blog post URLs (Universal Resource Locator) listed as non-canonical on search engines will increase the chances of all your websites and blog URLs getting indexed.

Getting more URLs indexed to search engines, the better the chance of you generating more daily passive income.

Canonical works are authorized, recognized, or accepted by following a pattern.

A canonical version of a webpage is the preferred version that search engines consider the prefix of an URL. Not specifying the canonical URL of a webpage sends search engines mixed signals.

A non-canonical webpage is a webpage that deviates from the standard or preferred way of indicating the canonical version of a webpage. Website developers/bloggers can prevent duplicate content issues that could negatively impact their search engine rankings.

A non-canonical webpage can occur when a website developer/blogger fails to specify the preferred version of a webpage, resulting in multiple URLs that lead to the same content.

In other cases, non-canonical webpages generated through technical issues such as URL parameters, session IDs, or dynamically generated content can confuse search engines. The non-canonical webpages can confuse search engines and impact the website’s visibility and ranking in search results.

Website developers and bloggers should ensure that their websites have a canonical URL specified to avoid issues with duplicate content and improve their search engine optimization efforts.

Non-canonical pages in sitemaps send a misleading signal to search engines, instructing them to index the URLs that declare a different URL as their canonical version. This can result in search engines ignoring your sitemaps.

WordPress Static Pages and Blog Posts

In the video, I do my best to explain how it came about me using WordPress as a website builder and a blogging platform.

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