Website Backup & Restore

What would you do if you lost all of your website’s content? Imagine visiting your website to learn that your website is not uploading. It happened to me, and my heart dropped into my stomach. I felt defeated, helpless, and worried about how I would get my website’s content back and uploaded back to the web.

When I started using WordPress to build my websites, I knew enough that I needed to set up a Plugin to back up my website’s content to restore the content if need to be. I watched videos to set up the plugin to back up my work. I did not know how to use the plugin to restore my websites. However, when the time came to back up my websites, I followed step-by-step instructions to get my websites uploaded to the web again.

What used to stress me out became common knowledge. Now when my website goes down, I keep my cool, and I restore the backup to have my website uploaded to the web.

It takes practice to learn how to restore a website with confidence. Do what I did. I added a plugin to my WordPress backend, followed video instructions on how to set up the plugin, and when it came time to use it, I got through it. Over time, I became more confident.

Website Backup & Restore

UpDraftPlus Backup/Restore Website –

What would you do if your website disappeared and would not upload? Years of work gone.

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