Virtual Debit Cards

As the world adapts to virtual debit and credit cards, going virtual with payment transactions will be used often globally. Adding a physical debit or credit card to App wallets helps the transition to a virtual payment system.

In a short amount of time, people went from using cash to debit/credit cards to App wallets and now using Apps that do not supply a physical plastic card because the App wallet service is solely virtual.

For me adjusting to a new way to pay and send money was a challenge. I was fearful when I stopped using cash to use a debit card to pay for in-store products. Then I found myself paying for services and products online by submitting my debit/credit card credentials. I then realized I was adjusting to a virtual payment world.

Because of the monetary system transitioning to crypto, I started to use the CoinBase Visa Debit Card to pay for products and services. Each time I use the CoinBase Visa Debit Card, I receive crypto back. I now use the CoinBase Visa Debit Card in my Apple Wallet when paying for products and services. Soon, I’ll be paying for products and services without using a virtual debit/credit because I’ll be using crypto wallet addresses. In addition to using crypto wallet addresses, I’ve started to use a Blockchain Domain as a way to send crypto. The monetary world is changing fast.

Would you like to earn free crypto when spending money/crypto? You can place the CoinBase Visa Debit Card in an App wallet to use it virtually and still have the peace of mind of having a physical plastic debit card.

Click here to open an account with Coinbase. Copy and Paste URL if link does not work.

Some Apps offer only a virtual debit card. Check out Bakkt. It’s an App wallet in addition to buying and selling crypto. Bakkt does not use plastic debit cards. The App is all about virtual.

Click here to open an account with Coinbase. Copy and Paste URL if link does not work.

Coinbase was the first Crypto website I joined. I find Coinbase user-friendly, and using Coinbase led me to use Coinbase Pro. When trading, converting or, transferring Crypto to a bank account, Coinbase Pro charges minimal fees.

Click here to open an account with Gemini. Copy and Paste URL if link does not work.

Gemini is another Cryptocurrency exchange I use to store, buy, move, and transfer Crypto. Gemini is a simple, elegant, and secure platform to build your Crypto portfolio. Gemini is also rolling out a Crypto back credit card.

Click here to purchase a Ledger โ€“ Ledger is a cold storage wallet. Copy and Paste URL if link does not work.

Learning about a monetary system that will soon become the new money system requires study, learning, and adoption. There is more responsibility when self-custody Crypto. However, it is a necessity to protect the assets you hold.

When storing Crypto on a cold hardware wallet, you are solely responsible for self-custody the Crypto. It is your responsibility to protect the 24-word passphrase. If you lose the passphrase, you lose your Crypto.

Click here to purchase an Ellipal Titan air-gapped cold wallet. Copy and Paste URL if link does not work.

Ellipal Titan is the most secure cold wallet. Air-gapped (a network isolated offline cold storage which gives protection against remote and online attacks), anti-disassembly (the case is metal and protects you from supply chain attacks and malicious modifications), anti-tamper, and trust. In my opinion, Ellipal is the safest self-custody cold wallet on the market.

Using digital wallets as a form of payment will be accepted everywhere. Every digital wallet transaction will create a unique wallet address, and each digital purchase will get indexed onto an open-source ledger.

Stay tuned for future updated content. Please leave a comment if you have anything to share. Do you use cold wallets or virtual debit/credit cards? Feel free to post your favorites below. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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