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I’ve listened to many people say that it is too late to succeed with YouTube because they did not jump in at the beginning.  I’ve never agreed with that opinion.  I feel anyone starting a YouTube channel has the chance to grow a popular channel whether they started at the in the early stages or yesterday.  The odds of becoming a success on YouTube are equal.  If a person decides to become a YouTube Creator today, the chance of success is the same.  Just my opinion.

YouTube continues to evolve and the more they do the more new features become available.  For example, in 2017, YouTube introduced Live Streaming to its Creators.  YouTube set up a way for Creators to engage with their audience while streaming live and streaming live gave YouTube Partners another way to earn more revenue.  Each time YouTube uploads a Creators recorded Live Stream to their channel, YouTube adds mid-roll advertisements throughout the uploaded Live Stream.  If the Live Stream is at least ten minutes long, mid-roll ads will run on replay.  The videos running mid-roll ads give YouTube Partners more of an opportunity to generate income.

Another benefit YouTube Partners have is that they can run multiple channels.  YouTube creators who manage more than one channel, can double or triple their revenue earned from the ads shown on all their channels.  As long as each YouTube channel has 1000 Subscribers and the Creator keeps up with the content, a YouTube creator can monetize each channel to earn revenue.

I’m a YouTube Partner and I manage several channels.  As of now, I have one monetized channel, one channel soon to reach 1000 subscribers, and a third channel that has a long way to go.  The channel that has a long way to go, will eventually qualify for monetization.  As a creator, one must set up solid platforms for the future.  I plan on managing all three channels for decades.  I set myself up to become a more successful YouTube Partner.

In addition to earning income as a YouTube Partner, YouTube gives me an opportunity to cross promote my websites.  I use the YouTube platform to market my other online businesses.  It’s all connected.  I cross-promote using YouTube and cross-promote using my websites.  Of course, there are many other platforms I utilize to cross-promote but YouTube holds a lot of beef.  YouTube gives me the opportunity to reach a wide audience that I probably could not reach with using Search Engines alone.  YouTube is great Entertainment but if used properly is a powerful Internet Marketing tool.

I’m a proud YouTube Partner.  I earn income from the ads shown on my YouTube channel.  As of now, I have one channel that is monetized.  I consider the monetized channel to be a miscellaneous YouTube channel.  I upload videos speaking about different topics and feel talking about different topics helps me reach a wider range of viewers.  Some of my viewers enjoy watching me unbox a new product while others enjoy learning more about Food Delivery App Gigs. The monetized channel gradually continues to gains subscribers so I feel the more topics I speak about the more chance I have to grow my subscriber list.

MyIncomeJob YouTube Channel
HomeBaseIncome101 YouTube Channel
InternetEducation101 YouTube Channel

InternetEducation101 YouTube channel is the second channel I run and will soon reach 1000 subscribers.  After the channel acquires 1000 subscribers, the channel will qualify to be monetized. I look forward to generating residual income from two YouTube channels.

The InternetEducation101 YouTube channel, specifically speaks about the topic of using the Web to earn multiple streams of residual income. Each time I learn about a new opportunity that can produce residual income, I test it out to make sure the claim holds true before I speak about it and promote it. If it works for me it can work for other people too. The more knowledge I gain the more I have to share. The more I learn the more I write. The more I learn the more videos I upload to YouTube. The more informative and interesting information I upload to the web increases the odds of me earning passive income. Yes, the process is long, however; if you pay monthly into an opportunity that teaches you how to earn passive income online, it would take you a long time to get a return on your investment. Why pay a middle-man? Rid the middle-man, teach yourself, and have full control over your Internet business. Can you feel me now? Can you see how the Internet still offers endless opportunities to become financially independent?

Click Here to subscribe to the InternetEducation101 YouTube channel. Youtube Banner

The MyIncomeJob YouTube channel is the third channel I opened.  At the start of 2019, I decided to open one more YouTube channel, because I wanted a YouTube channel to match website.  I set it up for future use. Success usually does not happen overnight, but I know in the future the MyIncomeJob YouTube channel will evolve into its own identity. Click Here to subscribe to the MyIncomeJob YouTube channel.

Never feel that you have no chance to earn income as a YouTube Partner. If I had listened to the many people who said making it on YouTube was yesterday’s opportunity, I would had missed out on using a free platform that is earning me steady monthly residual income NOW.

If you would like to learn how I increased video views and ad clicks by tweaking my account settings, visit the Youtube video links below. The more I learn the more I share.

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