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Save money at the gas pump by downloading a free App. The UpSide app.

Buying gas has started to dig deep into people’s pockets. People pay more to get less. Paying more at the gas pump adds to financial struggles.

I’ve been using the UpSide App for two years. I receive cashback each time I fill up, and the more people that download the app using my referral code or link, the more cashback I receive each time they gas up. Everyone can save money at the gas pump.

When you use Upside, you save every time you get gas. It’s a free app, and thousands of stations are offering cash back. So, what are you waiting for?

Make everyday a little more rewarding. Earn cashback on gas, groceries, and restaurants. Receive the biggest cashback offers. It’s easy. Just tap Check In or snap a picture of the receipt.

The UpSide app is free for users to save money when buying gas. It offers up to 25 cents per gallon in cashback at over 25,000 gas stations across the U.S., including all major brands like Shell, Valero, BP, Phillips 66, Circle K, Speedway, 76, Racetrac, Conoco, Mobil, and Exxon.

Users can save up to 45% cashback at 17,000+ restaurants, cafes, and fast food establishments.

The app offers up to 35% cashback on grocery purchases at over 45,000 participating retailers.

With these savings, users can save an average of $148 annually for taking an extra minute to use UpSide before filling up.

Upside offers cash-back of as much as 25 cents per gallon at gas stations. We tested it for three weeks to see how much you can realistically save (and whether it’s worth your time).

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