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DoorDash Keeping Tips and Referral Bonuses


You’re here because you want to learn how to earn money as a food delivery driver. Working food delivery App gigs is a freedom way to earn income. I started working food delivery App gig jobs in September 2017. Working them let me pay off a lot of debt and they gave me the freedom to pay cash when I shop. It’s a win for me.

Mainly I work UberEats and GrubHub. 99% of the time I receive five-star ratings. I make sure to deliver hot/cold food with napkins, straws, and utensils. Customers appreciate quality service.

You decided to click the referral link to join DoorDash. It takes a lot for me to put down anyone or any company. Unless I was treated poorly, I don’t repeat negative hearsay.

My experience with DoorDash has been more negative than positive. DoorDash was the first food delivery App gig I joined. When I started working DoorDash, I accepted all delivery offers. I drove a lot of miles, 50% of the time I waited for restaurants to prepare orders, and in the last few months of delivering for them customer service became unavailable when in the process of working orders.

Examples: DoorDash would send me a new order. After arriving at the restaurant they would text me a stating that they are now placing the food order. Well, they are not paying me to wait 20 to 30 minutes for the food to be prepared. When they started to expect me to wait for free more often that is when I stopped working for them. Waiting for food to be cooked started to become the norm. I don’t mind working but to work for under minimum wage is not acceptable.

The very last delivery I accepted from DoorDash was a delivery pickup at Dunkin Donuts. I pulled up, swiped arrived, and the App told me to place the order. I started to place the order then had to contact the customer because of one item not being available. I went to contact the customer and customer phone number unavailable. I then went to contact DoorDash help and the App crashed. I finally realized the DoorDash App crashes when I need to speak to DoorDash dasher help. From my experience, DoorDash help is only available when it benefits them as when their payment card is declined. That is when the DoorDash dasher help is always available.

DoorDash Referral Bonuses

I suspected not receiving the offered referral bonus for a while. I went from a sometimes receiving a bonus to nothing at all. Then one day someone told me that they joined DoorDash from my personal referral link. It confirmed what I suspected for a long time. DoorDash did not have to offer any referral bonus but they did and but never gave me the referral bonus. It is rotten that any company or anyone feels they can use people for their personal monetary gain. Slimmy tactics that gave me another reason not to push forward delivering for DoorDash.

Only My Opinion

Because of my experience working for DoorDash and because of the more negative than positive talk about them, I happen to feel that DoorDash rids veterans that eventually catch on to their deceiving ways. I feel once they realized a delivery driver realized they are being used instead properly compensated that they wed out the veterans. Just my opinion.

Delivery Driver Tips

If you are new to the food delivery App industry, take the time to watch Youtube videos from who work the food delivery App gigs. You will learn a lot. Of course, I never knock someone for trying out something new themselves to form their own opinion but taking the time to learn what you can before you hit the road is a smart action to take.

Another tip. Before you start driving make sure you track ALL YOUR MILES and KEEP TRACK OF ALL GAS YOU BUY. Last year my accountant told me it would benefit me more to write-off my mileage. I use an App called Stride. All I do is turn it on and it keeps record of the mileage I drive when working. It is free and at tax time all you gotta do is print out the mileage sheet and give it to your accountant.

Sride Click Here

Thank you for stopping by. I hope the information I share helps you choose the right food delivery gig that works for you. Good luck and drive safe.

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