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Don’t allow fear and intimidation hold you back from setting up financial security. Never say to yourself that you don’t know enough to set up streams of income that produce dividends. You can become a shareholder to a company you believe will grow into a profitable business. Instead of watching others gain financially, save some money to buy shares of stock and follow it, study it, and continue to learn how to make money work for you instead of you physically working for the money.

I’m glad you decided to visit this webpage. Why? Because I’m someone who for years was intimidated to dabble in the stock market. I was raised to be a blue-collar worker who found financial security from physically working to earn a paycheck. The older I got, the harder it became to earn income. The more I worked, the less time I had to do things I enjoy. I worked to earn a paycheck, but I also worked to make other people a lot of money. I worked 40 + hours a week for others to live a lifestyle I wanted to live. Come to think about it I worked 50 + hours a week to pay my way. All work and no play is not a recipe for living a comfortable lifestyle.

I’m not the type of person who does not want to work. I’m the kind of person who got tired of being mostly surrounded by non-team players and feeling sorry for themselves kind of people. People who put down the company they work for or people who were jealous of the owners of the company or privately owned business. I’m a young 51-year-old who has worked 38-years to make others a lot of money. During the 38-years I listened to workers mostly complain about hard financial times, not having enough time to enjoy the little things in life, and generally not happy. I’ve learned there are a lot of people out there who live to complain, who are negative and bitch a lot. I’m someone who decided to go another route to fix what I felt was broken to better myself. I still work, but I found passion in the work I do. Teaching myself how to work smarter and not harder lead me to love what I do. What do I do? I share with people what steps I took to change my career. Sharing how I went from a W-2 job to an Independent Contractor, a Freelancer, and now I’m a stockholder. I enjoy researching, trying new ways to earn income using evolving technologies, and study to understand the Stock Market. As I said earlier, I was brought up to be a blue-collar worker who physically worked to earn a paycheck. I worked for privately-owned businesses that offered no retirement plans and no health benefits. At the age of 47, I changed course and landed a Union job. Union jobs do give job security, increments in pay, paid time off, and retirement plans. However, I started the Union job with low pay at the age of 47 and physically worked to a hospital bed.

Back to the topic of Stock Residual Income. What made me finally take the chance to buy shares of a company’s stock? I’m an UberEats Delivery driver. I’m an Independent Contractor who uses the UberEats App to earn income. I’m also a person who has watched Uber evolve into a booming business. Uber started their business offering Ridesharing which led to UberEats, and now Uber has introduced their Freight App to merchant carriers. Because I’ve watched Uber continue to expand their services, I decided to take the leap and buy Uber Stock. Experimenting with your own money helps a person learn fast. The more I learn, the more I read, and the more I understand. Baby steps to learning.

I bought Stock in a company I believe will continue to boom in business. I work UberEats and believe in their Freight App business too. I promote their sponsored ads by sharing them on social media and promote Uber through word-of-mouth. I want them to succeed because I want to continue to earn a profit. Because I’ve learned that I can withdraw the earned Uber cash from my Robinhood account, I decided to buy another Share of Uber Stock. I’m going to reinvest the Uber cash earned to buy another Share in Uber Stock.

I decided to record a video to show how I buy Uber Stock within my Robinhood account. I’m not doing it to show off. I feel if I can help anyone understand how buying Shares of a company’s stock that you believe will succeed, can give a person a financial backing. So in the video below, you will see how I reinvest the money I earned to buy another share of Uber stock. Buying Uber stock lead me to buy stock in other companies too. Because I promote Robinhood, I won shares in other company stocks. Join Robinhood using my referral link then you can do the same.

Say goodbye to trading commissions and hello to the future of trading.

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Taking a step back to regroup and to reorganize my world, gave me the chance to set myself up properly to generate residual income. Now I have options and don’t need to settle when finding a W-2 job that matches who I am today. It was all worth it.

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