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Many people feel that evolving technology kills jobs. However, those are usually the people who don’t realize or understand that new types of jobs become available. Technology has created thousands of new technology jobs, and many of them can become accessible from a mobile device, like a smartphone.

Have you heard of Field Agent? Field Agent is a free App people download to a Smart Phone. It’s an App that lists jobs for people to complete while they are at stores or driving by real estate properties. Examples of jobs; Buy & Try, Mystery Shop, and Audits. Field Agents take pictures, record videos, and give feedback.

The one major perk to working Field Agent jobs? You can work the gig jobs on your timetable. One can open the App every day, and several times a day, to check for newly listed jobs.

Technology evolving continues to create opportunities that open new doors for people to earn income. The Field Agent App gives people the chance to earn extra income around a busy schedule. People who have more time on their hands can work the Field agent jobs to keep busy and earn extra income.

Are you interested downloading the free Field Agent App? If so, CLICK HERE to create an account OR download the App and when prompted ENTER CODE cqwkf96


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